Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sivaji – The invasion of the American rappers

Nelly Furtado & A.R.Rahman

With the technical postmortem to find the source of leakage of audio clips of Sivaji going on in full swing, the producers – AVM, might not be as well be very disappointed with the developments.

Timbaland & Magoo
The three songs that hit the internet on March 22nd is spreading like fire, with most of the browsers from Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala and across the globe already getting a glimpse of the album. Fans are just not ready to stop raving the new style of music adopted by A.R.Rahman for the Superstar. If you are one of those who thought that the songs released were the best in the album, then we have some good news. “The best is just yet to come”, says an insider who is unwilling to reveal his identity. The highlight of the album is said to be ‘Daylight Dude’, touted to be the intro song. There are rumors floating around, that American rappers - Timbaland and Magoo have rendered their voice for this song.

The ‘Oru koodai Sunlight’ song that was one among the three songs that were released is also rumored to have the reggae singer – Shaggy. Though there are strong similarities in the voice, there is a certain section that denies the singer to be Shaggy. Rahman has been trying to bring in foreign talent into Indian cinema music for some time now. Maryam Toller from Canada was made to sing in Guru. Nelly Furtado, the Academy Award winning Canadian sensation was also supposed to croon in Rang De Basanti, but for some reason was not able to make it.

However, A.R.Rahman and his team have not confirmed on either using Timbaland or Shaggy for any of the songs.

Nelly Furtado
Another highlight song in the movie is the one that is done on Rajini’s voice and Sivamani’s drums. With speculation on the seven songs doing the rounds, the expectations for the movie’s album is already legendary. “I am not sure if Tamil audio history has seen such expectations before”, says manager at Music World, Chennai. The audio release was supposed to be preponed to March 26th, but was later withheld. Now it seems that the audio might release on April 2nd. But Sivaji-The Boss, being the very dynamic boss, the media is being made to eat the humble pie with twist and turns in every story. You aren’t sure till it really happens. The latest numbers that we were able to get officially from AVM is that 2.05 lakh CDs and 1.92 lakh cassettes have been pre-ordered so far.

The power of two Ra’s – Rajini & Rahman.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pray For Me Brother - Review

A.R. Rahman has been known for his contribution to social causes. This is the reason why when he comes up with just a single, even that makes a lot of news since it deals with global issue of poverty that comes due to war and terror.
As a joint initiative of A.R. Rahman Foundation and Nokia Nseries, 'Pray For Me Brother' is a song that is dedicated to inspire people to eradicate poverty from our world. As per the credits, the song is special since it aims at giving hope to all people suffering from oppression, injustice and cruelty due to foreign forces or their own cruel leaders. And to those that are deprived of love and compassion and to fill the void which exists in each and everyone of us. And last but not the least to those that are searching for a reason to be kind.
With Blaaze coming up with additional lyrics, 'Pray For Me Brother' has Rahman coming with an all around show by writing, composing and rendering the track. Starting with the sound of a guitar, 'Pray For Me Brother' is a true Western track that is indeed one of its kinds and perhaps the first ever of this genre to be getting such a wide release.
While the music is simply excellent with just the right orchestra in place that doesn't disturb the flow of the song and let's it's essence being intact, the lyrics simply touch your heart while the rendition is top class that makes one long for a full blown English album by Rahman soon.
Also commendable is the fact that in spite of a message driving the entire number, 'Pray For Me Brother' doesn't turn preachy at all and would be picked up by people across all age groups who would love to play it on in a repeat mode due to it's soothing nature - something that holds so very true when the 'Instrumental version' of the song comes next.
The chorus sound of 'Pray For Me Brother' continues to play around in the background for this version which only adds on to the appeal. With Carrie Hernly, Oboe-Leigh and Wootard on Saxophone and Seetha Shivaswamy on Flute, the instrumental version too is hard to put down.
With the message of coming together of humankind and showing compassion, respect and love for each other, the song comes with a definite message and is an eye opener of sorts. A flawless composition that keeps you engrossed throughout it's 5 minutes duration, it is a must hear for those who love to hear quality music and crave for something international coming out from English shores.
Rating: ****