Friday, May 30, 2008

Vietnamese fighters in 'Sultan The Warrior'

Soundarya is leaving no efforts to make 'Sultan The Warrior' a product that will be termed as an animation movie having the same kind of standard shown previously by all the hit animation films created by the leading film and animation studios in the world.

For giving a particular action scene the maximum perfection which can be achieved, Soundarya along with the action choreographer of the film Peter Hein have gone to Vietnam.

The action scenes which will be shot in Vietnam will not be seen in the film as everyone knows the film is a fully animated one and do not require real actors.

The head of Ocher studios and her team of technicians are in Vietnam to shoot the action shots just for using it as reference points for similar scenes to be shown in 'Sultan The Warrior'.

But then why Vietnam and why it is being shot using some fighters of that country when there is enough and more facilities and junior artists right here in Chennai, is a question that can pop up.

The native fighters who are participating in the action scenes can be only found in Vietnam and they are the only ones in the world who are capable of doing the action scenes which are required as per the necessity of the story of 'Sultan The Warrior'.

These fighters are labeled as guys who can even challenge the laws of gravity and come out with stunning, unbelievable flexible movements as never seen before.

'Sultan The Warrior' is already hot in the film circles because of the reason that Superstar Rajinikanth will be seen in a complete 3D animation avatar for the first time.

Now this news of this variety action scene has added up to the excitement surrounding the film.

Watch Sultan The Warrior Trailer

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chapter on Rajini in CBSE books

Wow! what a cheerful and eventful year for our Superstar Rajinikanth! In the beginning of the year 2008, he received ND TV's prestigious 'Entertainer of the Year' award from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. A few months later his biography My Name Is Rajinikanth hit the stalls and still it is selling like hot cakes. Now a chapter on Rajinikanth's life has been added to Std VI English prose book of CBSE.

This is the first time in India's history that a chapter about an actor's success history has been included, that too in a CBSC text book. The chapter is under the section: Dignity of Work. Published by Oxford University Press, the chapter consist the extract of his life from a conductor to a superstar and also includes excerpts from his friend Bahadur, who was a past colleague of Rajini later became a bosom friend. In 1970s Rajini, a bus conductor in route No.10 A, and Bahadur, a driver in the same bus were good friends.

According to the book, young Shivaji Rao alias Rajini sometimes also acted in plays staged at the Gubbi Veeranna Ranga Mandir in the city. When Bahadur saw his friend on stage, he realized that the young man has great acting potential. The overwhelming response from the audience, particularly, when he played Duryodhana and Yechhama Nayaka, the Kannada Warrior, strengthen his belief. "It was then that I was convinced that he should act in movies," Bahadur said.

When the Madras Film Institute was set up in Chennai around the same time, Bahadur suggested to Shivaji Rao that he should pursue a course in acting at the Institute. The young man was obviously reluctant to give up his conductor's job and do the course since he was worried about his finances.

Bahadur replied, "Give up the job. I'll look after all your needs." Bahadur kept up his promise till Shivaji completed his course. For two years, from 1974 to 1976, he gave a significant part of his salary to Shivaji and ensured that he completed the course at the Film Institute. When the course was over, the famous director K Balachander signed up the young actor for his new Tamil films Apporva Ragangal and Moonru Mudichu. And the rest is history!

Now almost all the children in CBSE stream can read about our superstar and his hard working nature and how he became an example for true friendship. This is truly a biggest, rare and worthy honour to the Superstar and even superior than any other awards he received so far


I am not sure if I’ll start blogging: Rahman

The songs of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na are distinctly different from what you’ve churned out recently. What’s the reason behind this?
Well the idiom of the JTYJN is very different and that’s why I have also tried and used single notes of sounds and simple guitar tunes. Director Abbas Tyerwala has a lot of knowledge in music and knew what he wanted as far as the sound is concerned.

Among Bollywood composers, Pritam gives a lot of scope to young artistes. How much of space do you give to newcomers?
Well, whenever I get a chance and I think a young and fresh voice would do perfect justice to my composition, I definitely like to give chance to a young artiste. In fact, in JTYJN a couple of songs like Aditi and Pappu Can’t Dance are sung by newcomers and I think they have done a brilliant job.

Among your contemporary composers, whose works do you find interesting?
Well all the composers right now are really good, they all are capable of delivering good songs. For instance, Vishal and Shekhar, Pritam etc. are really good.

You are always accused of keeping the best song of each film you compose music of for yourself ?
(Laughs) No. It’s the producers and directors who like the way I sing and want me to sing for their films. For JTYJN, it was the other way round. I thought I would have liked to sing the title track. But Abbas was dead against it. It was only when he heard it that he actually fell in love with it.

Your and Aamir’s association has always given out some really good songs. Do you think you too will recreate the same magic of Lagaan and Rangeela?
It is a happy coincidence that we’ve both been on projects where music has played an important role. Our relationships in these films were of an actor and a music director where the interaction is almost minimum. On JTYJN, though, he was playing a producer. Our interaction has been minimum. In fact, when Abbas and I wouldn’t budge on certain issues, it was Aamir who played the role of peacemaker. My relationship with Aamir is very personal and we are friends.

Didn’t you fear that people would compare your title track with the original number?
I really like the title track of the film. I was a bit apprehensive since it was a very popular yesteryear number. To give music to such a number always brings along the fear of comparison. However, I have treated it as the music for today’s generation who may have not heard the original song.

Since film music is so popular in India, do you think we’ve reached a stage where parents would encourage if their children wanted to earn a living by composing. Or do they still want composing to be left as a part-time job?
Of course, I think film music is gaining a lot of popularity. So, many music reality shows are coming up and the turnover for such shows is massive. There is so much of competition in here. Music composition has become very challenging and thus should be taken seriously and not as a part-time job. As far as parents go, they should encourage their children because if they have the knack for composing, they can definitely go a long way. I think hard work always gets paid.

You have an official website. Do you intend to start blogging someday? And if you do so, are you going to address key issues plaguing the Indian music industry through your blog?
I am not sure if I’ll start blogging but if I do at any point of time, I’ll definitely try to bring up issues plaguing the Indian music industry and other issues as well.

When one learns that AR Rahman is giving music for a particular song/film, the expectation grows. Do you feel the pressure on yourself?
No. It inspires me to give better music. I work for myself and want to give good music.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Ghajini' delay sets up Aamir Khan vs Shah Rukh Khan clash in December

Aamir Khan's hamstring injury, and a five week doctor mandated rest to allow it to heal, has led to the release date of Ghajini being pushed back to December 12, setting up a clash with Shah Rukh Khan's Rab Ne Banaa Di Jodi that looks too good to be coincidental!

It is hard to explain why 5 weeks of bed rest should result in 10 weeks of production delay for a film that has already been two years in the making! Unless you have been reading Aamir's blog and have his recent digs at Shah Rukh on your mind. In which case, you are likely to conclude that the prankster in the 43-year-old star is once dominating over the recluse.

Ghajini has already been sold for a whopping Rs 93 crore - Rs 53 crore for the domestic screening and Rs 40 crore for satellite, overseas and home video rights, so the delay is unlikely to have financial implications for Aamir the producer.

Incidentally, Shah Rukh's Om Shanti Om had fetched a record Rs 73 crore...there we go again comparing the two stars!

Ghajini, a Hindi remake of the similarly named Tamil film, has Aamir playing a distraught boyfriend who is called upon to avenge his girlfriend's murder, despite suffering from short-term amnesia.


Soundarya Rajinikanth's multilingual film with Mahesh Babu

Soundarya Rajinikanth's Ocher studio started its production campaign in style with the costly project 'Sultan The Warrior' which is the first of its kind of an animation feature film featuring a fully 3D animated version of an Indian film superstar.

The film has the potential to start a trend.

Then there was the news of Soundarya taking a keen interest in making the second part of the blockbuster film 'Billa'.

Rajinikanth's daughter seems to follow the corporate way of making movies by planning for more than one film and simultaneously announcing and starting the work on the different projects at the same time.

A new big project to be made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi will be made with the Tollywood hero Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

The super hit director Puri Jagannath will be the director in charge of the new mega project of Soundarya Rajinikanth.

However the movie's work will start only next April with December 2009 being planned as the time for the release.

The film's story, dialogues and Screenplay will be written by the director himself and is a joint venture between Ocher studios and Warner Brothers.

Puri Jagannath told that he was overjoyed when Soundarya approached him to direct the big film as it brought back the memories of the day when Rajinikanth himself told that if he ever had a son he would have surely launched him as a hero in a film directed by him.

After giving two blockbusters in the form of 'Athadu' and 'Pokiri', Mahesh Babu teams up with Puri Jagannath again for this new film.

The Telugu pin up boy told that he is very happy to work again with Puri Jagannath and will try to reach up to people's expectations.

Although a new addition to the list of players in the production business, Ocher studios has set its sights on transforming itself into one among the top most film business houses in India with carefully deciding on each new project with proven experienced film makers at the helm.


Gautham denies rift with Harris

Director Gautham Menon always shared good rapport with Harris Jayaraj. The two had been part of several successful ventures including ‘Minnale’, ‘Khaakha Khaakha’, ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ and ‘Pachai Kili Muthucharam’.

However with Gautham opting to work with A R Rahman for ‘Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kaalam’ surprised many.

Questions started to do rounds whether the two are at loggerheads. However Gautham is quick to deny them as rumors.

“I am an admirer of Harris Jayaraj even now. I wanted to work with Rahman and expressed my desire to him. He readily agreed and we commenced ‘Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kaalam’. That's all.'

The movie features Trisha in the lead role and five newcomers are playing part of it.

The film's story revolves around 3 girls and 4 boys. Trisha portrays a new generation software engineer. Naethra and Nikitha play the other two girls. Karthik who is actress Maheswari's brother plays the male lead opposite Trisha and Daniel Balaji is in a role of a psycho.

The first shooting schedule of 25 days has already got finished in Chennai. The second schedule's work has started and is going on.

The ace director also spoke about the response till now for his new project and also explained about the title of the film.

'The people have a lot of expectations on 'Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kaalam'. Just like the rainy season, love is also a beautiful experience'. 'Mazhai Kaalam' in the title represents the love shown in the film’.


When Rahman forgot Shammi Kapoor’s song

AR Rahman has been a huge fan of Shammi Kapoor’s films. In fact he has seen most of his black and white films too.

So when we asked him to sing any of Shammi Kapoor’s song, we were surprised to see a blank expression on his face. “Hey this is very embarrassing.

I seem to have gone completely blank. I don’t seem to remember any of the songs. However let me tell you that the music of his films was very peppy. Kapoor is a man who changed the way songs were sung and shot. It was a beautiful experience to meet him and his family and it was a dream come true for me,” says the media-shy music maestro. Let’s hope the feeling is mutual!


Rahman strikes the perfect balance between being different and being commercially safe

Whenever Aamir Khan and A.R. Rahman have come together, the music has been distinct and experimental ("Lagaan", "The Rising"), and of historic proportions. Some of it worked, and some didn't, because the elasticity of the experiment is usually calmed by commercial confines.

"JTYJN" isn't afraid to experiment, but luckily, it's targeted at an audience that dares to be different - the college crowd. It's a young and peppy soundtrack that has significant shades of Rang De Basanti, as well as clear influences from Rahman's ongoing theatrical work on London's West End.

"Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi" features lead vocals by Rahman's new find, Rashid Ali, who has been his lead guitarist for most of his recent world tours. Behind the mic, Rashid's warm vocals, which fit the bill of the young and have the fresh aura that the movie has created around itself, take centrestage as the song is comparatively lower on background instrumentation.

"Pappu Can't Dance" brings the unorthodox genius of Abbas Tyrewala and A.R. Rahman together in a must-hear, musical mélange of madness. Barring all the controversy around it, which could only help step up its impending popularity, the song is trademark ARR who has historically come out trumps, when given a lyrically and conceptually offbeat track ("Rukmani" from "Roja", "Urvasi from Kadhalan"). Featuring a smorgasbord of singers, and a catchy Carnatic classical vocal hook, Pappu is clearly one of Rahman's wackiest creations.

Although there may not be an immediate attraction, the symphonic and melancholic natures of "Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai" are magnetic; a large part of which is to be attributed to the voice of the relative newcomer, Runa Rizvi. Her voice does tend to get a tad nasal in higher registers, but it only adds to the haunting appeal of this track.

The male version of this track, rendered by Sukhwinder, is more dark and morbid, with a near-theatrical allure to it, with elaborate string orchestral accompaniments. The main melody, which features the movie's title, creates a memorable theme, which is unforgettable and lingers, long after you have heard it.

After the heavy and pensive segment, "Nazrein Milana Nazrein Churana" acts as a respite - a simple, hummable guitar track, which seems to be sung by a group of college friends. Very "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander".

The experimentalist returns with "Tu Bole Main Boloon", and takes the soundtrack down a different avenue altogether - into the genre of jazz, which is a fairly unfamiliar terrain when it comes to Bollywood. Tyrewala's engaging lyrics, as they talk about two tangential viewpoints, and Rahman's inimitable coarse vocals create an experience that is beyond words.

Finally, Rashid Ali returns to the mic, accompanied by Vasundhara Das, for "Kahin To Hogi", a gentle love ballad that brings back memories of Glenn Madeiros.

Balance sheet: Rahman is clearly the Salvador Dali of Indian music, when it comes to the level of experimentation in his compositions, constantly testing the shock absorbers of his listeners. At times you feel that he pushes the limits of his audience's comprehension and music appreciation (as in his recent "Ada: A Way of Life"), and at other times you feel he has struck the perfect equilibrium between standing out of the crowd and being commercial enough for surefire success. "JYYJN" is a brilliant example of the latter - a balanced chord that only ARR could strike.


AR Rahman's next big flick is 'Yuvraaj'

T-Series, after releasing the music of Aamir Khan Production’s 'Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na', which is composed by A.R. Rahman, has now also acquired the music rights of Rahman's next big flick 'Yuvraaj'.

'Yuvraaj' is Subhash Ghai’s directorial venture slated to release this Diwali. A.R. Rahman has always been loved from the time of his blockbuster hit Bombay and is known for his mesmerizing music.

T-Series is proud to be associated with A.R. Rahman again. Through 'Yuvraaj', T-Series wants to bring the combination of T-Series and Rahman to its music listeners again.

'Yuvraaj' is Produced and Directed by Subhash Ghai under the Mukta Arts Ltd Banner. The movie stars Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan, and Boman Irani.


T-Series with an A.R.Rahman project again

When a company has the music rights of a film's songs composed by the Mozart of Asia A.R.Rahman, then there is no need to get worried about the success of sales of the music.

T-series is one company who is fortunate to associate with the music maestro back to back. After releasing the music of Aamir khan Productions 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' composed by ARR, now the company will release the music of 'Yuvaraj' composed by the music wizard.

This film marks the return of Subash Ghai after a low profile 'Black & White' into his usual way of directing his movies in a large scale.

The film which will be released this Diwali has also the paring of the real life couple Salman khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles other than having acclaimed actors like Anil Kapoor and Boman Irani in supporting roles.

The movie is produced by Subhash Ghai's own production company Mukta Arts Ltd.

The videos of the songs of 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' are already being aired by the different channels and have started getting good reviews.

How Salman shakes his leg to the tunes of A.R.Rahman in 'Yuvraj' is left to be seen.


Monday, May 26, 2008

'Aamir is not difficult to work with'

Aamir Khan is going all out to launch his nephew Imraan Khan in Abbas Tyrewala's Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, and has roped in the best to make the film successful.

That would, of course, include A R Rahman.

Rahman gave us a sneak preview of the music in his own voice. Listen to it here. He also spoke to Nithya Ramani and Syed Firdaus Ashraf about the film. Excerpts:

How does it feel working with Abbas Tyrewala?

This is a completely new team for me. So working with him was a little strange in the beginning. Then, we got used to each other. When the music was done, Aamir was happy and appreciated it. He said that the two of us made a good team.

Was it difficult working with Aamir and producer Mansoor Khan?

Aamir is not difficult to work with. It's just that when he gets excited about something, he likes the integrity of the same thing. And when something goes wrong, he wants to bring the integrity back. He likes to balance the whole project. He is a great producer.

Was Aamir involved in the music of his films?

We last worked during Rang De Basanti . I just get just feedback from him. He is more involved in the music of Gajini than any of his previous films.

Whats the best part about 2008 yet?

The best part of 2008 for me is the launch of my music conservatory. It's very important to me, and a completely different road. I am looking forward to this exciting venture.

What was your reason for opening this school?

The time has come to start, so that we could have an orchestra. We have got about 1,000 queries and managing director Selvakumar is in the process of replying to it. It is about musicians. Only if you have musicians, you can have composers. [We want] to create a pallate of players for future composers. If they don't have musicians, they will make music out of computers. By this, they might lose the joy of listening to live music and composing from that.

Are you scoring the music for Rajiv Menon's Dhun?

Yes, we are in the process of getting it finalised.

You were supposed to go to Cannes Film Festival this year. Why did you not go?

That was very strange. I saw it in the newspapers. I had other commitments, and they called me on a very short notice. So I could not go.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rahman takes Aamir by surprise!

A.R. Rahman took Aamir Khan for a surprise visit to the Amin Peer Dargah in Andhra Pradesh.

Says a source close to the actor, "Aamir and Rahman share a lot in common. Ever since they worked together on Rangeela a decade ago, the two have become great friends. They share a great rapport professionally as well as personally. Aamir had also invited Rahman to Mumbai for the music launch of his nephew's debut film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

"After the music release, Rahman told Aamir that he had to leave with him for Chennai the very next day. Aamir, who was a bit surprised, asked the music director why he was asking the actor to accompany him to Chennai. However, Rahman refused to give any explanation to Aamir and only insisted that they must go to Chennai together," adds the source.

Aamir left with Rahman for Chennai on Wednesday but the journey didn't end there. Adds the source, "On reaching Chennai, Rahman drove Aamir to the Amin Peer Dargah in Andhra Pradesh's Cuddapah district. They reached the dargah in the evening after a five-hour drive. The dargah is very close to Rahman's heart and he completely believes in the power that it gives him."

Commenting on Aamir and Rahman's visit to the dargah, the source adds, "The two had dinner at the dargah and attended a performance by the qawwals, which started on Thursday at 1 am went on till 5 am. Aamir really enjoyed the performance as he himself is a great lover of these things. The two spent some quality time there and Aamir loved the experience.

"Rahman had always wanted to go to the dargah with Aamir. He particularly wanted the actor to seek blessings and be present for the Urs. Rahman was also keen that Aamir attended the performance by the qawwals in the dargah. Rahman attends this Urs every year. Last year he had taken Prasoon Joshi with him," says the source.

After Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, AR Rahman-T-Series bond strengthens with 'Yuvraaj'

T-Series, after releasing the music of Aamir Khan's Production JAANE TU YA JAANE NA the music of which was composed by A R Rahman now also has the music rights of Rahman's next big flick YUVRAAJ stated to be released this Diwali. A R Rahman has always been loved from the time of his blockbuster hit 'Bombay' and is known for his mesmerizing music.

T-Series is proud to be associated with A R Rahman again. Through YUVRAAJ ,T-Series wants to bring the combination of T-Series and Rahman to its music listeners again.

YUVRAAJ is produced and directed by Subhash Ghai under the Mukta Arts Ltd banner. The movie stars Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan and Boman Irani.


T-Series acquires music rights of Ghai’s next

T-Series has acquired the music rights of Subhash Ghai’s next directorial venture, Yuvraaj.

The film, slated to release this Diwali, is being produced under the Mukta Arts banner.

The music for Yuvraj, starring Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan and Boman Irani, has been scored by AR Rehman.

T-Series had earlier released the music of Aamir Khan's production Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na composed by Rahman.

Three cheers for Rahman, Aamir

Rahman and Aamir Khan have developed a fascination for each other. After ‘Rang De Basanti’, the two come together for ‘Ghajini’, directed by A R Murugadoss.

Aamir Khan has roped in Rahman to score the music for his home production ‘Jane Tu’ to be directed by Abbas Tyrewala. Aamir Khan is launching his nephew Imran Khan as hero in the movie.

Rahman says, “It is nice to work with Aamir. He gives one enough freedom. A great producer, he values music a lot”.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Robot amidst stringent security

The Shankar – Rajinikanth magnum opus, Robot, has begun groundwork work and research. With director Shankar importing computers from America that will be employed for the special effects in the movie, Robot is more or less underway.

Keeping in mind the Internet-sneaking-of-Sivaji-images that remained unsolved despite the tight security arrangements in place during Sivaji’s shoots, Shankar has left no stones unturned this time around to make sure that the computers are tucked away secretively in a Gemini lab. Guarded by security personnel, access to the hall is restricted to the very few kingpins associated with the movie.

Superstar Rajinikanth is busy with his extended cameo for Kuselan and an announcement about Robot’s commencement is expected to be out soon.


Rajini and Shankar to fly US

Superstar Rajini is almost completed his works for his forthcoming Kuselan and preparing himself to fly off to US for taking make up tests for his year 2009 magnum opus Robot. According to the sources, Rajinikanth and his director Shankar are travelling to Hollywood to try out new looks for this Rs.1300 Million mega sci-fi thriller Robot. The new look and the makeup for it is expected to cost over Rs.30 million.

Robot Rajini will have Aishwarya Bachchan as his lady love for the first time and the actress has already allotted 6 months bulk dates continuously for a whopping Rs.60 million. The movie is a joint venture by Entertainment giants like Ayngaran and Eros and AR Rahman will compose the music for this flick.

The first photo shoot for the film by famous Chennai fashion and portfolio photographer G Venket Ram was held in mid-February and redesigned by Soundarya Rajinikanth as per the instructions of the director.

On the other hand, Gemini Colour Labs, one of the famous labs in Chennai has started its renovation work for the convenient of Rajini, Shankar and Robot team. It has made sure that Robot crew does not have to shuttle Chennai to Mumbai to get better amenities to give the best treatment to the film. So the directors of the lab ordered all new equipments to erect in the laboratory and the renovated lab will be inaugurated by none other than Superstar Rajini soon after his return from the US.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jaane Tu music is young and peppy

Four summers ago, when I spoke to Abbas Tyrewala -- the prolific writer of Munnabhai [Images] MBBS, Maqbool and Main Hoon Na -- he appeared rather reluctant to direct a movie.

Today, this 'one-man army' is ready with his maiden venture, Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na -- a generation Z musical cum love story produced by Aamir Khan [Images].

Besides a story to tell, Tyrewala is also assigned the responsibility of introducing Aamir's nephew, Imraan Khan in the best possible way, as well as showcasing Genelia D'Souza (Tujhe Meri Kasam [Images], Masti). What's more, the man has written the lyrics too, against A R Rahman's zingy score.

Though the soundtrack is undoubtedly fresh and zippy, it would be ridiculous to expect an overwhelming cousin of Jodhaa Akbar or Guru, which is both a welcome change as well as reminiscent (not in tune but spirit) of his compositions for mushy-themed campus capers like Kadhal Desam (also known as Duniya Dilwalon Ki), Boys and Lakeer.

So how good is is Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na? Well, for most part, I'd say 'Encore!'

Here's what it has to offer:

The exuberant fragrance of teenage-hood serenades the air with the infectious beats of the opening track -- Kabhi Kabhi Aditi. Rashid Ali's funky rendition and Rahman's stylish and rhythmic pace makes this a case of love-at-first-sound.

Also, as it often happens with the Carols (Oh Carol by Neil Sedaka) and Alices (Living next door to Alice by Smokie) of the world, there's nothing cuter than having a song that sings your name. And so all the girls who go by the name of Aditi, get ready to have a gala time soaking in the Hey Aditi dedications at a jukebox near you.

Up next, there's the naughty 'n' nutty Pappu can't dance. Indeed, Pappu might be a lousy mover, but the song, overall, is one hot-stepper. Then again, its mocking lyrics, which are allegedly aimed at Aamir's Andaz Apna Apna co-star Salman Khan [Images] poke fun at his -- disguised as Pappu -- love for fast cars, designer accessories and rippling muscles. While Sallu fans might be none too pleased, Pappu and his left feet are a rocking entertainer on their own. It's remix by Krishna Chetan is a pleasant add-on!

All of a sudden, the album slips into a grim mode in the restless and uncertain notes of Rahman and romance with Jaane tu mera kya hai. While its female version, in the husky tones of Runa, boasts of an eccentric electronic arrangement and tangent strain, the darker and desolate alternate interpretation by the reliably dramatic Sukhwinder Singh is sufficiently emotional if not necessarily heart-wrenching.

The capricious melody of Nazrein milaana, nazrein churaana reflects the playful, dreamy and perplexed state of young 'uns with warm results. The mercurial tempo of the album continues with a nifty Rahman jazz-up the scene, quite literally and lovingly, if I may add in Tu bole... main boloon. It's a wonderful experiment and introduction in the Bollywood music scene and deserves much applause.

Rashid Ali, accompanied by an exquisite Vasundhara Das, makes a surreal return in the soundtrack with the waltzing glory Kahin to. If you enjoyed Danish boy band Michael Learns To Rock, whose uncanny influence is echoed in Kahin's notes, this is definitely your cup of tea.

Looking for a soulful, uncomplicated, pleasant music? Rahman's frothy tonic of vibrant and breezily-tempered creations in Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na should certainly catch your fancy.

Rediff Rating:


Gemini's makeover for Rajni

Rajinikanth's movies not only create a big hype, but definitely bring big fame to the names behind it. That is yet another reason for even small distributors buying his movies for exorbitant prices. So what is the primary reason? Rajinikanth's movies come with a guarantee of box office success.

And when two giants like Rajinikanth and Shankar combine, it could never get better. Robot, a science fiction film starring Rajinikanth and directed by Shankar, is being considered as a very important milestone and opportunity by all involved in it, especially by Gemini Laboratories. So much so that Gemini Laboratories decided to undergo a major overhaul to meet all technical demands of the film's visual effects. It has ensured that most of the equipment necessary for the film's special effects are installed in its lab. It has constructed big rooms, halls, and studios for the foreign film crew to work in and store equipment they bring. It is also building a big recording theatre to house all latest recording equipment.

By creating a familiar and fully-equipped environment in which the foreign technicians can work comfortably and effectively, Gemini Labs has made sure that Robot crew does not have to shuttle between their parent laboratories and India (which was the state of Dasavathaaram crew). All this investment will pay returns only when movies as grand as Robot or Dasavathaaram happen, which is not too frequent in India. But Gemini Labs still did it all for a Rajinikanth movie. This is not surprising when we look at the fame and attention that Gemini will get by being a part of Robot, the most talked-about movie now.


Will A.R. Rahman concur with Ilayaraja?

Going by the saying “old wine in a new bottle” remixes and remakes seem to have become the norm of the day. At a time when the new generation is being hounded by critics for using yesteryear hits, maestro Ilayaraja has boldly decided to remix his own composition Madha Un Kovilil… from the film Archanai for Naan Kadavul. Thus far, only songs

those were more than a decade old was considered for remixing. But debutant L.V. Ganesh, son of famous musician L. Vaidyanathan, has decided to remix A.R. Rahman’s Kadhalikkuum Pennin Kaigal from the film Kadhalan. This one will be for Theeyavan, which features newbie Uday and Mamudhurai-fame Midhuna in the lead roles. However, M.S. Bhaskar and Arthi will shake their legs for this song making it a comical affair.


Exclusive! Rahman sings Jaane Tu for

The music of Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na was unveiled by Shammi Kapoor at his residence in Malabar Hill on Tuesday evening.

Aamir Khan -- who launches his nephew, Imraan, in this film -- wanted his idol Shammi Kapoor to do the honours.

Imraan and his leading heroine, Genelia D'Souza, was also present. Writer Abbas Tyrewala, who has penned movies like Asoka, Maqbool, Munnabhai MBBS, Main Hoon Na, Salaam Namaste and Welcome, makes his directorial debut with Jaane Tu.

We got A R Rahman, who scores the music for the film, to sing a few lines from the film, as well as talk about it. Check out the video!


Age in action

Hollywood has finally acknowledged that action heroes who sell are like good wine, they get better with age.


That ageing action heroes still rule the roost has been proved by the critical acclaim Harrison Ford and his Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull received at Cannes, where it premiered last Sunday, and is expected to be this year's biggest summer blockbuster.

The film - which sees the 65-year-old Harrison Ford return to the role of Indiana Jones after a 19-year gap was praised by the world media, reportedly garnering a three-and-a-half minute standing ovation by the select few who were invited to watch it, according to a Hollywood trade publication.

Before the screening, huge crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the movie's super hero Harrison Ford, who is quoted as saying, “I expect to have the whip turned on me. I'm not really worried about it. I work for the people who pay to get in. They are my customers and my focus is on providing the best experience I can for those people.” According to Hollywood websites, the film and its hero have received a resounding thumbs-up from critics known to pan popular entertainers. Noted critic Derek Malcom in his review has surprisingly given three out of five for this film. The film's director, the legendary Steven Spielberg (62) has hinted that he and producer, the iconic George Lucas (63) may take a fifth installment of the world's most popular action adventure Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford!

All this is great news for Kollywood's ageing action heroes who are still in their mid 50s - the likes of Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Sarath Kumar and Arjun (44). These heroes have been around for more than 20 years, and are still the best in business. It reiterates the fact that like Hollywood's dad army - Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone (62) and Bruce Willis (53), our ageing stars have audiences' faith in them. “The Tamil audiences have grown up on Rajini sir and Kamal sir and they are still the poster boys for today's youth in the 16 to 25 age group as they have reached iconic status,” says director K S Ravikumar, who has worked with both the stars.

Just as older action heroes in Hollywood are facing stiff competition from younger and fit action heroes like Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom and Jason Statham, in Kollywood too, stars like Vijay, Ajit and Surya in their mid 30s are giving the bigger superstars a run for their money. However, the bottom line is that younger action heroes worldwide are not in the same league or as charismatic and hot as the older guys who are all mega-brands with audiences of all ages.

Hollywood's ageing super heroes have the best of make-up men, stunts and fitness personnel monitoring round the clock their sagging skin, creaking bones, thinning hair, paunches, and back problems. The grapevine says that Ford was given air-brushing, his looks were digitally enhanced. This is afterall the world of make believe and our ageing stars too have been given digital make-overs for that youthful, debonair look and make their death-defying action scenes look natural and real on screen. The Kollywood buzz is that Shankar is going to give a totally new look to Rajinikanth in his forthcoming Robot. The director has already teamed with hair designer Bhanu and bought the latest expensive wigs from US for the star. Unlike in earlier days, technology can help a star hide his age and look smarter and more dashing on screen.

Though Rajinikanth's public appearances show his age, it never shows on screen. The trade attributes the success of Sivaji to Rajinikanth's young and charming looks in the film.

Shankar has spent a lot of time and energy to see that he could play the character he plays in the film. The buzz is that the actor keeps to a strict diet, consisting mainly of vegetarian food. Kamal, on the other hand, regularly works out and is very particular on how he looks on screen. Sarath Kumar also works out daily and is an actor who performs action scenes with a lot of conviction. So, while it might seem that size does matter, age definitely doesn't!


Rare honor for Rahman

Acclaimed music composer A R Rahman will be presented with a life time achievement award by International Indian Film Academy (IIFA).

The award would be presented to Rahman on 6 June at a grand function to be held at Bangkok.

The award is being presented to Rahman for his immense contribution to promote Indian film music abroad and also making a mark internationally.

The function would be attended by the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan among others.

Rahman's Sakkarakatti to be released in June

AR Rahman is back with a brand new score. The musical genius, who has composed some fantastic tunes for Sakkarakatti, will release the audio in June.

The film has six songs which is a mix of classical and hip-hop numbers.The movie marks the debut of Bhagyaraj's son Santhanu and has been produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. His son Prabhu is directing the movie.

The filmmakers have finished shooting the talkie portion of the movie and all that is left is one song. Rahman has come up with a catchy musical score. The song Taxi Taxi is sure to be a superhit.

Santhanu’s father previously launched his sister Sharanya amid much fanfare in the film Paarijatham, but the actress has not delivered a hit after that. Let’s hope that things turn out to be different for Santhanu at least.


Aamir Khan releases music of his forthcoming production

Noted Bollywood actor Aamir Khan known for his penchant for making meaningful cinema, released the music of his forthcoming production 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' here last evening.

Bollywood's legendary actor Shammi Kapoor launched the audio of the film.

Contrary to Bollywood extravaganza and showbiz, the music was released in a very subtle manner at Kapoor's residence. Aamir considers Kapoor as his lucky mascot and has been seeking his blessings right from his debut film.

Music director A R Rahman has directed the music of the latest flick.

"The music is really fabulous. Lyrics written by Abbas (scriptwriter and director Abbas Tyarwala) are very different and unusual. I feel that such music has been chosen by Rahman after a long time," said Aamir.

The film's promos have already created excitement among the public and people are now eagerly looking forward to the release of the movie.

Aamir's latest flick is a director debut of scriptwriter Abbas Tyrewal and is also a debut venture for Khan's nephew Imran Khan. Bollywood actress Genelia D'souza plays the female lead.

Though not much information of the storyline of the movie has been revealed, the promos are in line with Aamir's constant endeavour for a refreshing theme and his penchant for making meaningful movies.

After successful box-office hits, 'Lagaan' and 'Taare Zameen Par', this will complete the hat trick of Aamir's productions.

The film is expected to be released in the first week of July.


Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - Music review

Would it be Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak once again with the arrival of Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Naa? This is the first feeling one got the moment the first look of this Aamir Khan production was out. Marking the launch pad of his nephew, Imraan Khan, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa seems to be another innocent love story in the offering sans any unnecessary mush, hence going truly with contemporary times. With pretty girl Genelia D'Souza opposite Imraan in this campus flick and A.R. Rahman as the composer, this Abbas Tyrewala debut directorial venture (he also doubles up as a lyricist here), JTYJN, is a promising flick arriving this summer. Does the music hold up to the promise? The answer is - Yes!

Write your own music review of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
First things first - when the best of the best of 2008 would be written down, the number 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi' would definitely find a mention. Crooned by newcomer Rashid Ali who is being introduced by Rahman on Bollywood musical arena, the song is beautiful from the word GO, the moment guitar strings mark the song's beginning.

Rashid's voice is just perfect for an actor who is being launched in a youthful romantic entertainer and the singer utilizes the big platform to the fullest. While Abbas' lyrics go truly with contemporary times, it is a nice change to hear a Rahman composition in a truly mainstream cinema rather than the historical/period/issue based films for which he has been creating music for quite some time now.

In true Rahman style, he gets together a bunch of singers for the track 'Pappu Can't Dance'. Well, this is the track which is supposedly a spoof on Salman Khan's on and off screen image and has been making news in last few days. The song's beginning has a rhythm which has formed a part of the racy proceedings in the first teaser of Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa that had kick started the film's promotion a few weeks back.

Anupama, Benny Dayal, Blazee, Tanvi, Darshana, Satish Subramanium and Aslam come together to sing about this character called 'Pappu' who has seen all the riches in his life. Since the day he was born, he roams around in the best of the cars, has a body to die for, boasts of an impeccable style, but alas, can't dance to save his life. Hence the title - 'Pappu Can't Dance'. A fast moving fun song, which has a campus setting to it and also appears in a 'remix version', 'Pappu' is a song which should be fun when watched on the big screen.

It's a new sound at the very beginning of 'Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai (Aditi)' that hooks you on instantaneously. This very rhythm stays throughout this song which is crooned for the female character of the film, Aditi, by yet another relative newcomer Runa. If the song's haunting tune wasn't enough, the way Runa renders the track makes it one as the sad theme of the song conveys what the protagonist is going through. A number about a girl remembering the times gone by with the boy she loved, 'Jaane Tu' is composed in a style, which is similar to that of 'Zara Zara' [Rehnna Hai Terre Dil Mein] and hence can be expected to grow over a period of time.

The song is later heard in a version meant for the film's male protagonist Jai and is titled 'Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai (Jai)'. This time around the beginning is even more somber and takes it's own time to reach the stage where Sukhwinder Singh comes around to hold the center stage. The pensive mood is conveyed well yet again though this time around the version is even more somber.

Guitar is at play once again in the number 'Nazrein Milaana Nazrein Churaana'. The best song to arrive after 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi', 'Nazrein' deserves to be the next song in line for promotion. Packed with youthful energy, the number has a Rahman stamp all over it and goes in perfectly well with the film's campus mood. In fact just one hearing and you are sure to carry the number along for your next camp fire outing.

Yet again, it's an array of singers - Benny Dayal, Satish Chakravarthy, Naresh Iyer, Darshana, Shwetha, Tanvi, Bhargavi, Anupama - who come together but never once does one feels like trying to find out the singer behind a particular line. A complete team effort which reminds of the number 'Sama Yeh Suhaana' [Goonj] when it comes to it's setting.

The album continues to become better with every passing song, especially so the moment the title song arrives. Surprisingly, instead of 'Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa', it is titled 'Tu Bole Main Boloon', which are the opening words of the song. Sung by Rahman himself, the song is a funny take on how this guy and the girl have two different perspectives to everything, even though at the end what they mean is just the same! A bona fide jazz number with soft drums, saxophone and other associated musical instruments in tow, 'Tu Bolev' has an international feel to it in the way it's entire arrangements are done.

After a brilliant 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagiv', Rashid Ali returns with 'Kahin To Hogi Ho' where he has Vasundara Das for company. Yet another beautiful number which carries an Indi-pop feel to it, this love song has such a serene feel to it that one can't help playing the number on a repeat mode. This is a kind of a soft romantic number that you wish to preserve in your iPod and play it your loved one at the first given opportunity. A brilliant number which makes it two out of two for Rashid Ali!

The soundtrack here is unlike a conventional Bollywood score and instead introduces a style, which goes with the contemporary youthful setting. Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa is an album, which deserves to be bought this season. With Jannat being the only album which is registering good sales and no other album from past or present matching it's performance on the stands, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa by A.R. Rahman comes as welcome relief.


A.R.Rahman adds more sweetness to the 'Sugar Cube'

There is no need to dig up the history and try to explain how the songs composed by A.R.Rahman in a lot of movies have went on to become youth anthems and how the expectations about a film increase and also add pages to its publicity when the news break out loose that the Mozart of Asia is composing the music for the songs in it.

The unit of the new film 'Sakkarakatti' can be assured of peppy, spicy, groovy and addictive music to do service to the ears of the audience as Rahman's compositions have done several times before being a big support factor to the success of the movie.

Getting A.R.Rahman to use his skills in a film is a very difficult task given his busy schedule and if the music maestro selects a movie then definitely he must have found something fascinating in the story of the film.

So the Job of building an aura around the potential of 'Sakkarakatti' a movie targeted at the youth has already been half done.

And when Rahman goes for something, he makes it the best.

A Singer Veena Bharatwaj was flown specially from London to record a song in this new film.

Other singers are Naresh Iyer, now a Rahman regular, Madhu sree, and Benny among others.

The audio tracks of a perfect blend of classical and hip hop music boasts of a song titled "I Miss U Da" which has been given sounds and tones that has never been heard before in Indian Films.

The director of the film himself admitted to have got hooked up with a youthful and inspiring ambiance in A.R.Rahman's studio when the songs were recorded.

The director of this youth oriented and colourful movie Prabhu who also happens to be the son of the famous producer Kalaipuli.S.Dhanu has taken a bold step in directing a movie just with the film making Knowledge that he has gained from his father and not by being an assistant to other directors.

The boldness to take the plunge just on their self belief shown by certain young directors in Kollywood has certainly triggered off a trend among the younger lot of aspiring directors to follow their dreams with oozing self confidence.

Director Prabhu follows the marks left back by the success story of another filmmaker who also happens to have "Prabhu" in his name.

The first time lucky director of 'Chennai 600028', Venkat Prabhu is already wrapping up his second project after hitting the Jack pot in his first attempt itself, that too without any prior experience to back up.

A.R.R's music comes as bonus in the true sense for any soon to be released movie.

Same in the case of this film too, but still it has a heavy luggage of making careers of two.

Other than a new director the film also marks the entry of Santhanu, son of the acclaimed actor/director Bhagyaraj into the film world as the leading man.

The audio C.D of the film comprising of 6 tracks will hit the music stores on June.

The countdown has started as all the scenes except the video of a song have been canned.

Wait and watch to see how the new Prabhu has tried to hit the bull's eye with his directorial debut.


Rajinikanth met Sultan

Superstar Rajinikanth saw two things when he watched the trailer of the animated movie 'Sultan The Warrior'.

For the first time he saw himself in a movie in which he did not act but still was able to enjoy Sultan as he is called in the film.

He also saw the talent and potential of his own blood in its full glory and splendor revealing in front of his eyes.

The actor after watching the trailer was moved and appreciated his daughter Soundarya who is the creative force and director behind the first of its kind animation project in India where a film star is being featured in a full length animated movie as an 3D animated character.

Ocher movies, Soundarya Rajinikanth's company is producing 'Sultan The Warrior'.

As usual in Rajinikanth movies, S.P.Balasubramanium has given the voice for the intro song in this film composed by the music wizard A.R.Rahman.

Three other songs composed by A.R.R. also add elegance to the film which has the duration of one hour and fifty minutes.

For Thotta Dharani, the acclaimed Art director, the experience in working in this movie turned out to be entirely different as he did not have to work with physical resources which are used to construct a set but just had to come out with designs which got the material and texture in the hands of 3D animation artists working under his guidance.

This attempt is sure to find followers once it gets released and Kollywood can be proud that the idea of 'Sultan The Warrior' was conceived and the effort to make it true was dared in Chennai.

Even if the film shows a Rajinikanth made up by animators, the opening and the hype to this movie is going to be the same as like any other film of the superstar.

That also is an honour that is meant exclusively for Rajini.

Who can argue on that?


‘Ghajini’ will hit the screens from October

Actor Aamir Khan, who is recovering from an injury, will soon resume shooting for Hindi remake of ‘Ghajini’.

'We hope to launch the film by October,' director A R Murugadas said.

With A R Rahman scoring music for the remake, the director, who originally planned to have just one melody number, has included another one.

Asin plays Aamir's heroine in the movie. She was part of the original too.

Two in one special for Jaane Tu

If the title seems like a commercial for a soap or something, let us clear that notion immediately. Two in one special for Jaane Tu is referring to the two treats you're in store for when you visit a cinema near you this July 4th.

Imran Khan and Genelia D'Souza will be hitting screens worldwide this July 4th with Aamir’s home production, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. And if that wasn’t enough of a treat, Aamir Khan has planned to release the first promo of the much awaited Tamil remake of Ghajini.

Ghajini Remake stars Aamir Khan opposite South actress Asin Thottumkal and recent debutant Jiah Khan. It's perhaps one of the most talked about and anticipated movies of the year and fans can finally rest in peace knowing that the promo is all set to hit the big screen this July.

Hindi Ghajini in October

Aamir Khan, who was injured during the shooting of his current project – the remake of Tamil film Ghajini – is recovering fast and will soon resume shooting.

Director Mr. Murugadoss, now in Chennai, stated that the film will be completed in three months and shall be released in October. He added that this will be a feast to Aamir Khan’s fan following, which has increased after Tare Zameen Par, not only in North, but also in Tamil Nadu. In Tare Zameen Par, Aamir played the role of an empathic and lovable teacher. In Ghajini, he plays the role of a man who has short-term memory loss. In Tamil, actor Suriya played this role and it won him a lot of accolades.

Asin is the female lead in the Hindi version too; she has spoken immaculate Hindi in her own voice. Music is by A.R. Rahman. All these factors are making the filmgoers of Tamil Nadu eagerly await this movie's release. Now at least they know their wait will end in October.

Southern beautyAsin, the female lead, has been in the news ever since she was signed for this movie. She swept everyone off their feet when she featured in “Close up” and “Mirinda” ads alongside Saif Ali Khan and Zayed Khan respectively.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Soundarya Rajini confirms Billa-2

Soundarya RajinikanthSoundarya Rajinikanth, the director of Rajini's forthcoming animated magnum opus, Sultan - The Warrior officially confirmed the idea of making Billa 2 with actor Ajith. She said that she will start working on the film after June 2009, by which time Ajith will be free from Aegan and she will be free from Sultan: the warrior.

She revealed this with media persons a couple of days ago and said, "I decided this project only after consulted with my father and now a team has seriously in the discussions for Billa-2. Apart from this, I'm making all arrangements to take the entire Billa team into the sequel. When I told this idea to my father, he was very happy and also told that he is also very eager to watch the sequel of his classic action film with some other actor."

When a reporter asked about his father's role in Billa-2, Soundarya categorically dismissed that there was no such idea. Soundarya is going to produce this sequel in association with Warner Bros. Pictures India.


Rahman's song to be remixed

A R Rahman's popular chartbuster "Kadhalikkuum Pennin Kaigal" from the movie 'Kadhalan' would be remixed soon for a movie titled 'Theeyavan'.

Interestingly the remix song would feature comedians M S Baskar and Aarthi dancing. 'Theeyavan' features newcomer Udhay and Mamudhurai girl Midhuna in the lead role.

Untill now only songs of M S Viswanathan and Ilayaraja were remixxed. It is perhaps the first time that Rahman's popular song is being remixed.


A.R. Rahman gets IIFA award

This year IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) has recognised A.R. Rahman as the ‘Outstanding Indian contributing to International Cinema’. Rahman is credited with increasing Indian film music’s popularity all over the world by his music compositions. He has been recognized as the ambassador of Indian music.

The award bestowed upon A.R. Rahman is one among the three special recognitions of IIFA, the other two being ‘Outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema’ and ‘Achievment in Indian Cinema’. The other two have been won by eminent director Shyam Benegal and Mumtaz respectively.

Shyam Benegal is considered as one of the best filmmakers of India. He marked his debut with Ankur, the impact of which can be felt even today. Shyam Benegal has a very simple but unique style. At the moment, the director is busy storyboarding for his film on Buddha. He is also working on a comedy subject which has received a lot of attention and is on the verge of completion. It is about a postman of a small village full of illiterate people, who becomes the confidant of everyone by reading them their letters.

Mumtaz, the Bollywood actress who was the queen of every heart in the 70s, has been recognised as an achiever in the Indian Cinema.

These awardees will be presented trophies at IIFA Weekend, which will be held in Bangkok from June 6th to 8th, 2008.


'Sakkarakatti' audio from June

The much awaited of 'Sakkarakatti', set to tunes by A R Rahman will be released this June.

The movie starring Bhakiyaraj's son Santhanu in the lead role is produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. His son Prabhu is directing the movie. Interestingly the movie's audio track has six songs which is a mix of classical and hip-hop numbers.

We have completed canning the talkie portion. Only one song has to be shot. It will be completed soon. Rahman has come up with a catchy musical score and is sure the USP of this youthful enntertainer, says Prabhu.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Jiah Khan matches Aamir kick for kick in 'Ghajini'

While Deepika Padukone is busy matching Akshay Kumar's kicks and somersaults in Bangkok for 'Chandni Chowk To China', Jiah Khan has in Hyderabad done stunts to equal none other than Aamir Khan.

Though thankfully the 'Nishabd' fame actress hasn't had any mishaps yet, her lithe stunts in A.R. Murugadoss' 'Ghajini' are every bit as heart-in-the-mouth as Aamir's.

Jiah is reluctant to talk about it. She said: 'I can't! I'm not allowed to. But, yes, I've done a lot of action scenes in 'Ghajini'. They've been extremely unnerving.'

The action sequences require Jiah to match Aamir kick for kick.

'And they are one reason I had to lose weight,' she admitted having returned from Hyderabad where the film was being shot.

'The schedules won't suffer because of Aamir's accident at all. We resume in the middle of May as per schedule.' Aamir injured his hamstring muscle twice on the sets of the film. He is on bed rest.

On Tuesday, Jiah started shooting in Mumbai for Ken Ghosh's film with Shahid Kapur. 'That's the film I'm not supposed to do,' she joked.

Rumours are rife that she sent over-friendly messages to Shahid.

But she said: 'I've never sent SMSs to people in the industry beyond work. I'm so new to all this manipulation, scheming and negativity. I'm just so happy to be doing two films like 'Ghajini' and Ken Ghosh's film where I've completely different roles.'


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sultan The Warrior with Rs.700 Million budget

Finally, Tamil Cinema goes to the world market with highest budget ever had. Thanks to the Superstar, who has opened a big market and a new trend in marketing the films worldwide. Rajini's Blockbuster Muthu is the first ever Tamil Cinema, which ran more than 400 days in Japan with a record collection.

After this, all his films got a simultaneous release worldwide and never makes mistake in world market. His recently released Shivaji (with a whopping Rs.800 Million budget) has created a new record in worldwide collections and caused for a boom to Tamil film business. Now his forthcoming Tamil- Telugu bilingual Kuselan's domestic rights procured by Pyramid Saimira for Rs.64 crores and overseas distribution for Rs.40 crores by Ayangaran. Film fans and distributors in the overseas have eagerly awaiting for this movie now.

Here is good news for Indian Film Industry, of course for Rajini fans. The cost of Ocher Studios-Adlabs-Warner Bros joint venture Sultan The Warrior featuring an animated Rajinikanth in a full length 3D movie touched Rs.700 million, said sources from its financier Exim Bank on Saturday.

According to the source, Sultan The Warrior will be the first ever costliest animated feature film in India and the business is expected to generate at least Rs.2.50 billion. The producers announced that the film would hit more than 1700 screens worldwide simultaneously.

"It began as a small Rs.70 million venture, but the unprecedented success of Shivaji last year saw it zoom past Rs.250 million and has now touched ten times its original cost," another believable source revealed.

While Ocher Studios is owned by Soundarya, daughter of Superstar Rajinikanth, Adlabs is owned by Anil Ambani. It is remembered that actor Ajith Kumar has been signed to play a key role in Ocher Studios' untitled solo maiden venture in feature film segment, Soundarya told reporters on Saturday. Work on the Ocher-Warner Bros joint venture, a sequel to Rajinikanth's earlier Blockbuster Billa (recently remade for Ajith) will begin in April next year

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rajini's new hairstyle in Robot!

The superstar is almost done with his part in Kuselan and is all set to sail towards his next magnum opus Robot. Expectations are skyrocketing as Rajinikanth, for the first time, will be starring opposite Ashwarya Rai. Made on a mega budget, Robot is a joint venture by Ayngaran International and Eros International.

According to industry sources, director Shankar and Rajini will fly down to the US to finalize the make-up for the latter. While Rajini's make-up in Sivaji came in for some rave reviews, Shankar wants Robot to be even better. It is said that Robot will feature a younger Rajini sporting a different hairstyle. Also, the Robot team intends to bring in professionals from Hollywood to work on Rajini's make-up.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DILLI 6, a collage of people and emotions

We had recently told you about the release plans of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's next film, DILLI 6, straight from the maker's mouth! Well, once again here is more exclusive inside information about the much awaited Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor starrer. This time its about the script of the movie and once again from Mehra himself!

The AKS and RANG DE BASANTI director says that he would not like to get into the intricate details of the script, which he had with him much before RANG DE BASANTI, six years to be precise. He does disclose the interesting fact that DILLI 6 is a collage of 18 different characters and their emotions, which he has tried to capture to the best of his capabilities.

Interesting, one must say, let us wait and watch how the acclaimed director has handled these 18 different and highly talented characters and put them together in DILLI 6, during the 3-months Sambhar schedule!.


Ash-Abhishek in Sapnay director's next

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai seem to have become an inseparable onscreen couple after marriage. After Guru and the upcoming Sarkar Raj, they will be seen together in Rajiv Menon's new film, Dhun. It will be produced by Eros Entertainment.

Dhun is a musical love story, and will feature eight songs.

"I want to bring out the essence of music and the unsaid emotions in this film. This film is especially for music lovers," said Menon, who has earlier directed films like the Kajol-Prabhu Deva starrer Sapnay and Mammootty-Ash-Tabu starrer Kandokondain Kandokondain.

Menon hopes that A R Rahman will score the music for his film.

But Menon refuses to talk about the film in detail. "I do not want to comment much about it because I am already facing trouble after revealing the title to a publication," he said.

When asked why he chose Ash and Abhishek, Menon replied, "After Guru, I narrated the script to Abhishek and he seemed interested. Ash also showed interest in the script, so I signed them up for Dhun. Whether stars are real life couples or not does not matter if they have the ability to fit into the character and pull it off well."

Menon worked with Ash and Abhishek in Guru, and claims that it is a pleasure being associated with them. "Both Ash and Abhishek are wonderful actors, and very committed," he said.

Before he turned to direction, Menon has worked in many of Mani Ratnam's movies, as a cinematographer. "Mani is a wonderful director. We have never had any creative differences. We always discuss scenes and situations before reaching the sets. We do not discuss anything on the sets but I still know how Mani wants the scene," he said.

But while he's all excited about his musical film, its the mythological and historical films that he hopes to direct some day.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adlabs Films inks deal for Ghajini remake

Adlabs Film has bought the overseas distribution rights for the Hindi remake of Tamil film, Ghajini, being produced by Arvind Allu and actor Aamir Khan. The film is slated to release next year in April.

Confirming the same to Adlabs COO - film distribution and marketing Sunir Kheterpal says, “The deal was signed some months ago and we will be doing their overseas distribution.”

Apart from the distribution, Ghajini remake's prints will also be released by Adlabs. “As the date of release comes closer, we will get a fair idea as to how many prints will be released,” informs Khetrapal.

However, Khetrapal refused to comment on the figures at which the deal was sealed.

The producers have not yet zeroed in on a title for the remake. The film’s music has been given by A R Rehman and is being directed by Murgadoss.


Despite setbacks GHAJINI to release on time

After his first injury, followed by a more grievous one the second time around, Aamir Khan has been advised a three weeks rest by his doctor. For the few who are not very aware of the happenings, we are referring to the climax shooting of Aamir Khan's next release, GHAJINI, where unfortunately the actor perfectionist was injured twice during the climax action sequence.
Needless to add that the unfortunate happenings have provided fodder feed to the gossip mongers, who have already done a few 'breaking' scoops. The news have mostly centered on how Aamir Khan's stubborn approach has led to the postponement of GHAJINI from its already announced October 2 release date.

However, Aamir Khan's close family sources assure us that Aamir is determined to stick to the original release schedule of the film, come what may!

Well, knowing the 'Bhuvan' of LAGAAN, we are not surprised, and here is wishing Aamir a speedy recovery.


Chakravarthy out of hibernation

J D Chakravarthy, Ram Gopal Varma's Sathya hero is on a roll in Kollywood.
Coming out of hibernation, JD, as he is better known, has signed on the dotted line to do Vishnuvardhan's Sarwam as the villain. Shankar saw JD's rushes in the film and immediately signed him up to do Robot, again as the villain opposite Rajinikanth.

JD is thrilled to play villain in the film, because he will be getting international exposure simply by sharing screen space with the superstar.

It's also a well known fact that the villains in Rajinikanth's films always get decent footage, so that the superstar is able to triumph in the end and establish his "heroism".

Both Sarvam and Robot are being produced by Ayagaran films. Sources say that Rajini liked JD's earlier work and Shankar was also happy to get bulk dates from the villain!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rahman goes designer for Cannes

The music maestro has hired designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil to dress him up for the coveted film festival, reports Sheree Gomes-Gupta

He has wowed audiences the world over with his superlative performances, and his music probably overshadows everything else he does…or even wears. But, as we recently learnt, AR Rahman isn’t just conscious of the beats he composes, but also the way he looks.

Not only does the music maestro have a stylist, but he has roped in his favourite designers — Shantanu and Nikhil — to dress him up for the Cannes Film Festival, starting May 14.

“His style sense completely gels with our brand philosophy, which is understated, classic, sophisticated and luxurious. Which is why he loves our clothes and has been wearing them to his concerts,” says Nikhil Mehra of the designer duo.

So, what’ll he be wearing? “We’ve made him a navy blue jodhpuri bandgala, reminiscent of his Indian heritage, yet with a very stylish cut and silhouette suitable for red carpet dressing. Bringing in the luxe touch to the outfit is the appliqué work on the jacket inspired by the Mughal era. The outfit pays tribute to Rahman, both as a man and as an artiste who does India proud,” he adds.

Interestingly, the music composer had just one request for the designers — to avoid the colour black. “Yes, he does not like the colour black. But apart from that one input, he left the designing to us,” reveals Nikhil.

Known best for their red carpet dressing, having designed for the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Shilpa Shetty and Saif Ali Khan, among others, for several award functions, the two are now in the midst of getting their line for the IFFA awards in place. “We’re busy finishing the collection and will be soon sending the designs out to various actresses,” informs Nikhil.

And while they’ve got a whole bevy of beauties on their wish list, they’re hoping Deepika Padukone, Konkana Sen Sharma and Katrina Kaif will wear their red carpet style to the IFFA. “Let’s see how it works out,” he says.


Jiah's dangerous stunts in Ghajini

Woman power is in. In Bangkok, Deepika Padukone is matching Akshay Kumar kick for kick in Nikhil Advani's Chandni Chowk To China. Nearer home, in Hyderabad, Jiah Khan is keeping up with Aamir Khan, performing dangerous stunts.

Jiah's stunts in Murugadoss' Ghajini are every bit as heart-in-the-mouth as Aamir's. The only reason her action scenes aren't being talked about are because she isn't talking about them.

"I can't! I'm not allowed to," she says. "But yes, I've done a lot of action scenes in Ghajini. They've been extremely unnerving. And they are one reason I had to lose so much weight."

On Tuesday, Jiah started shooting in Mumbai for Ken Ghosh's film with Shahid Kapoor. "That's the film I'm not supposed to do," she jokes, referring to an SMS that embarrassed Shahid Kapoor and almost got her out of the project. "It's so cheap to send compromising messages in someone else's name."

"I've never sent SMSes to people in the industry beyond work. I'm so new to all this manipulation, scheming and negativity,” she says. “I'm just so happy to be doing two films like Ghajini and Ken Ghosh's film, where I've completely different roles."


Rahman attends premiere

A R Rahman rarely steps out of his studio in Chennai. But on Thursday evening he made an exception to attend the Chennai premiere of the critically acclaimed German film The Lives of Others at Sathyam Cinemas.

The film is being screened at Sathyam as part of their "pure cinema" and the Oscar Winner (Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, 2007) is the right choice.

The film is being distributed in India by Rahman's good friend Bharath Bala, who made all the arrangements at the venue. Among the guests at the premiere there was poet Vairamuthu, who said it was one of the most moving films in his life. Rahman sat through the 2 hours 20 minute film which had English subtitles, and at the end, gave a standing ovation.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rajini prefers Arya’s villain

Chakravarthy shot to limelight with Ram Gopal Varma’s Sathya. The actor also has several Telugu movies to his credit, which had the cash registers ticking. This tall-bewhiskered actor has now been roped in to play the villain role in Sarvam, which has Arya in the lead character. And it looks like the villain spree would continue for quite sometime, as director Shankar has approached him offering the role in Rajini-starrer Robot. Being a prestigious project it is expected that he would lap up the offer. It may be recalled that Suman, a hero in Tollywood, was signed up to play the baddie for Sivaji, which won him accolades from one and all.

Kamal’s next beautiful villain

Dasavatharam, Kamal’s magnum opus is ready for release and the hardcore workaholic that he is, he is already into his next project tentatively tiled Marma Yogi. This film will be co-produced by Bharath Bala in association with Walt Disney pictures. There are already many speculations about the story line and the cast of the film.

During the audio launch of Dasavatharam, Kamal had mentioned that his next project is going to have Bollywood actress Hema Malini in a pivotal role. The rumors that are going round the industry is that seasoned actress will be playing the role of a villain. If that is the case Tamil cine goers are going to have beautiful experience of watching a villain.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chakravarthy with Rajini for ‘Robot’

Director Shankar always brings with him many surprises in his movies. He introduced choreographer Raju Sundaram as comedian in his Jeans. He surprised everyone casting popular Tollywood actor Suman as baddie in his ‘Sivaji’.

Now going a step further, he has zeroed in on Telugu hero J D Chakravarthy as the villain for his magnum opus ‘Robot’. The movie to be produced by Ayngaran International features Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles.

Chakravarthy had acted in several Telugu movies and had worked with Ramgopal Verma.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Aamir Khan injured again on set of 'Ghajini'

Aamir Khan limps his way at the Dinanath Smruti Pratishthan's Special Award ceremony at Shanmukhananda Hall, Matunga, Mumbai Thursday evening, April 24. He had hurt himself on the Ghajini set the previous day in Hyderabad.

Bollywood star Aamir Khan was injured a second time on the set of his new film Ghajini at Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad on Sunday, May 4. The new injury, by Aamir's own admission, hurts a lot more than the earlier one.

"Just when I thought I was recovered I've injured myself again. And this time its worse than last time. Serves me right for taking it lightly and not resting myself enough. This time it's my left leg and yes this time it is my hamstring. So we've had to call off the schedule, with the climax incomplete. I am so mad with myself!!!" Aamir writes on his blog.

Aamir was injured earlier on the set of the same film on April 23, while filming a fight scene that required him to pick up and throw a heavy man against the wall.

Describing how he sustained the second injury, Aamir writes on his blog:

"The shot was me chasing the villain and taking a running dive to bring him down. As I took the leap my muscle buckled and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and in intense pain. No idea why it happened. But forced rest now."

Interestingly, Aamir relates both his recent injuries to the use of a thermacole layering on the floor of the set to cushion his fall, saying he has never had such injuries before.

He also has never been as old before, but that couldn't have had anything to do with it, could it?

Aamir who has been advised three weeks of rest intends to make the best use of it.

"Only silver lining is I'll get to see Kiran in another hour. When she heard she jumped on the flight and is on her way here," he says.


Abhishek's DILLI 6 can release later this year!

All through last year we kept you updated with even the minutest details about Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's DILLI 6. The latest on that front is that Mehra is nearing the completion point of his Abhishek Bachchan starrer. Naturally the question that is on everybody's lips is about the release schedule of the next venture from the AKS and RANG DE BASANTI director. And as always when it's DILLI 6 it is your favourite Glamsham that provides all the answers!

As per the director himself, the option for a year end or an early 2009 release are both open. Mehra goes on to add that he wanted extra time for editing RANG DE BASANTI but the makers were in a hurry to release the movie just before Republic day. However this time around Mehra is quite determined to keep to his longer editing schedule.

Here is hoping to see another trend setter like Rakeysh's last venture, RANG DE BASANTI, especially so because it has the super pairing of the hot 'n' happening Abhishek Bachchan and Anil Kapoor's pretty daughter, Sonam Kapoor.


Pawan's Puli heating up!

Rumor mills are busy in churning out rumors on Pawan’s yet to begin film Puli.

With Jalsa Pawan managed break the flop streak and successfully registered a hit in everybodys books (After Khushi few of Pawan’s films despite doing good business were considered flops by the media. Jalsa however has given enough confidence that it is a big hit for those people too).

Pawan is getting ready to go to the sets as Puli, with SJ Suryah who earlier had given blockbuster Khushi with him. The gossip zones are already busy spreading rumors about the film. As per the buzz, Kareena Kapoor, the now no. 1 actress in Indian cinema is going to share screen with Pawan. Puli have got top class technical team with names like AR Rahman in the crew. So, if these rumors turn true Puli will add some more craze before it goes to the sets.

Let’s wait and see who actually is going to pair with the Powerstar as the lady Puli!


Nokia music phone price to go down

The company does not foresee a similar reduction in prices for its N-series phones.

Nokia, the leading mobile handset manufacturer in India that sold 146 million MP3-enabled phones globally, is expected to slash the prices of its music phones in India in the next few months. The company's music phone series, XpressMusic, which at present retails at Rs 5,000 and more, is expected to come down to Rs 3,000. The company does not foresee a similar reduction in prices for its N-series phones, which are high-end multimedia and music-capable devices.

Raghuvesh Sarup, head of GTM (programme portfolio and categories), Nokia India, said, "We are the largest supplier of music devices in the world. In our new identity as an Internet services company, Nokia will be bringing several MP3-based applications and music mixers that will be available for downloads over mobile and online." Nokia, along with AR Rahman and Big Music, has already launched Nokia XpressMusic mixer application, which is an online music mixer to remix two tracks from Rahman's forthcoming film Ada...a way of life.

Sarup reasoned that the move to lure customers to its music phones with reasonable price points is part of Nokia's strategy to ready consumers for the launch of Nokia MusicStore — its online music distribution service that will have more than two million albums — later this year.

Mobile music downloads, currently valued at Rs 160-180 crore in the domestic market, is set to see 40 per cent CAGR growth with companies like Nokia pushing services through its in-built music applications on handsets.

Royalties worth Rs 50-60 crore were paid to the music industry in the past 18 months and value-added services — of which music with full song downloads, music videos and ringtones forms the bulk — are estimated to contribute 20-25 per cent to a service provider's revenues.

According to a PricewaterHouseCooper report, Indians seem to have purchased more music through mobile phones last year, and mobile music purchases are set to grow nine times more by 2009.

But TNS, a global market information and insight group, adds a note of warning: ൞ per cent of users now sideload music (transfer from PC or laptop) compared to just 16 per cent who download from the web/operator network." Using the phone as a music player does give device manufacturers like Nokia to open up an opportunity to increase consumer involvement with their products.

But for network operators and music rights owners, incremental revenue growth through downloading may be limited, adds the TNS report.

In the next 12 months, Nokia is expected to launch several XpressMusic phones at lower price points that would help the company build a user base.

Besides, this year the company is also betting big on phones supporting applications likes maps, music and games. "By year end, we should have 12 handsets from the existing six models that will come with built-in Nokia maps, and pricing of these global positioning applications are being worked out," said Sarup.

Analysts anticipate that in 2008‚ for the first time‚ the number of replacement purchases in emerging markets will exceed those of first-time buyers.

Nokia's move to lure with its music and entertainment download services rings sense as mobile music is expected to comprise up to 75 per cent of the Asian music sales by 2009, according to Music Sales data.

Aamir Talks About ´Ghajini´ Climax And ´TZP´ DVD Release Plans

Actor Aamir Khan is now healty and kicking and shooting the climax of the upcoming 'Ghajini'. He gave the details of the same, while also talking about the 'Taare Zameen Par' DVD. Here is what he says on his blog :-
Climax proceeds well I am shooting with protective bands and straps to help support the injured muscle. Couple days back I developed some sort of an eye infection. My left eye had gone red and was hurting. Today I developed a nose bleed. I really need a break. My body is falling apart!!!

A lot of you have been asking about the DVD release of TZP. I know I am guilty of delaying on that one. But I’ve almost finished my director’s commentary. Another two-three days and it should be done. Last night I was in the recording studio till 1am, after shooting till 7pm. Tomorrow will be the same. But I promise it will be worth it. I’m trying my best, really want to make this special. DVD should be out sometime in the month of May. Promise.

Today I met my first set of bloggers, in Hyderabad. Ru-ba-ru. (face to face). It was really nice for me to see the eyes and hear the thoughts, put faces to names.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

PawanKalyan's 'Puli' Regular shoot from June 7

The regular shooting of ‘Puli’, the forthcoming flick of Pawan Kalyan, is all set to begin from June 7. SJ Surya, who gave a brilliant hit like ‘Khushi’ for Pawan Kalyan, is again wielding the megaphone for this movie, while Singanamala Ramesh, is producing the film.

The producer is planning to invite AR Rahman to score music for ‘Puli’ and it is the highest budget movie among all the films in the Power Star’s career so far. The film would be released during the next summer.
Pawan Kalyan is donning the role of a tough cop. It is learnt that Pawan Kalyan would sport different get ups in the movie to please his fans. ‘Puli’ is going to be an out and out commercial entertainer.


Aamir takes a break

Khan is on a hiatus from working out
Aamir Khan has been advised against working out until he fully recovers from an injury he sustained on his inner thigh while shooting. The advice comes from Aamir’s trainer, Satyajit Chaurasia.

Says a source, “Aamir has been sporting an athletic toned body for the bare-bodied scenes he’s shot for the Hindi remake of the south film Ghajini. “Aamir is very serious about his workouts. Even though he’s injured the muscle in his inner thigh he wanted to continue his workouts. It was only after his trainer advised him not to, did he take it seriously.”

Satyajit Chaurasia confirms that Aamir has taken a break, “Yes. Aamir won’t be working out for the next 15 days.” He reasons, “Firstly, he’s travelling and is quite busy. It doesn’t make sense to squeeze in a workout session into his tight schedule. Secondly, he’s already shot for the bare-bodied scenes for the film.”

Has he advised him any light exercises to compensate for the break? “No. He’s taking a total break. We will resume his training May 10 onwards. By that time, he will have recovered from his injury.” Has been also following a new diet as well ? “Not really,” replies Chaurasia.

Rahman's 'Ada' six years in the making

The maestro is back in the news after mesmerizing with his last outing Jodhaa Akbar. After delivering the music for one of the most grand and majestic films Hindi cinema has seen, A.R. Rahman's next outing is in the form of a more modest venture. Debut director Tanvir Ahmad's Ada with the tag-line "A way of life" will release later this year.
In fact, the film has been on the floors for about six years and earlier boasted of a cast including Amitabh Bachchan. Now, the film has been re-vamped with newcomers and should be completed by next month. It stars Rahul Roy, Nauheed Cyrusi and Ayesha Jhulka in pivotal roles.

Of the music, Rahman tells CNN-IBN, "The music of the film actually took six years to make because the film started six years back in 2002. The music has a very old school melody feel. But it also has other tunes so it does have a colour of different genres in it.
"Since the making of the music has spanned over six years, audiences can expect a large range of tunes coming their way! In addition to Ada, A.R. Rahman has Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Ghajini and Yuvraaj slated for release this year.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rahman took three years to complete The Lord of The Rings

It took music maestro AR Rahman three years to finish the album for the stage adaptation of The Lord Of The Rings, working with 200 musicians and technicians for every song. The album, which has pushed up his international status, was released in February.

"Since it required more finances than I could afford, a private airline (Jet Airways) is sponsoring it," Rahman, who has recently opened a western classical music conservatory in Chennai, told IANS.

"Every song has a minimum of 200 musicians and technicians involved in it. Huge choirs and orchestras were brought into play. We recorded the album in London and mixed it right here in Chennai in my studios. The whole crew came down from all over the world," he added.

All songs are in English and in Elvish... the language of the Lord Of The Rings.

"I had lots of help from fellow-musicians like Christopher Nightingale. It took me three years to do the album. Without help from like-minded musicians it'd have taken five years."

With Rahman increasing his Western assignments, it looks like to be Bollywood's loss. Rahman is deliberately turning down big Bollywood assignments because of copyright and royalty issues regarding music sales.

Rahman is reluctant to talk about the issue. "It's too complicated. But yes, the issue of publishing rights does stop me from accepting more Bollywood offers," said Rahman.

"Those who want to work with me in Mumbai are agreeable to my terms and conditions. Those who do but won't agree to my conditions are going to other composers."

"At the moment, I've also cut down my film assignments because I want to focus on my western-classic music conservatory. With this conservatory I hope to bridge the gap between Western classical and Indian ragas. Imagine a thumri being played by an orchestra! Or a Carnatic raga being a part of a big Hollywood epic!" he added.

Commenting on his Bollywood assignments, Rahman said: "I can't be doing just films all my life. I need to take my music to another level now. But whenever I work in Mumbai, I give it my fullest concentration, as I did for Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodhaa Akbar, which I'm very proud of. The music takes both Ashutosh and me to another level."

Looking back, the talented composer is not the least content with his achievements.

"No matter how much you do, it's never enough. Music is my only therapy. There're so many awful things happening in the world. I wish I could heal the world. All I can do is use my music, which I do. My peace anthems like Vande Mataram and Pray for me, brother are a small candlelight in the storm. But you never know which candle will light a thousand other candles."