Friday, May 30, 2008

Vietnamese fighters in 'Sultan The Warrior'

Soundarya is leaving no efforts to make 'Sultan The Warrior' a product that will be termed as an animation movie having the same kind of standard shown previously by all the hit animation films created by the leading film and animation studios in the world.

For giving a particular action scene the maximum perfection which can be achieved, Soundarya along with the action choreographer of the film Peter Hein have gone to Vietnam.

The action scenes which will be shot in Vietnam will not be seen in the film as everyone knows the film is a fully animated one and do not require real actors.

The head of Ocher studios and her team of technicians are in Vietnam to shoot the action shots just for using it as reference points for similar scenes to be shown in 'Sultan The Warrior'.

But then why Vietnam and why it is being shot using some fighters of that country when there is enough and more facilities and junior artists right here in Chennai, is a question that can pop up.

The native fighters who are participating in the action scenes can be only found in Vietnam and they are the only ones in the world who are capable of doing the action scenes which are required as per the necessity of the story of 'Sultan The Warrior'.

These fighters are labeled as guys who can even challenge the laws of gravity and come out with stunning, unbelievable flexible movements as never seen before.

'Sultan The Warrior' is already hot in the film circles because of the reason that Superstar Rajinikanth will be seen in a complete 3D animation avatar for the first time.

Now this news of this variety action scene has added up to the excitement surrounding the film.

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