Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gemini's makeover for Rajni

Rajinikanth's movies not only create a big hype, but definitely bring big fame to the names behind it. That is yet another reason for even small distributors buying his movies for exorbitant prices. So what is the primary reason? Rajinikanth's movies come with a guarantee of box office success.

And when two giants like Rajinikanth and Shankar combine, it could never get better. Robot, a science fiction film starring Rajinikanth and directed by Shankar, is being considered as a very important milestone and opportunity by all involved in it, especially by Gemini Laboratories. So much so that Gemini Laboratories decided to undergo a major overhaul to meet all technical demands of the film's visual effects. It has ensured that most of the equipment necessary for the film's special effects are installed in its lab. It has constructed big rooms, halls, and studios for the foreign film crew to work in and store equipment they bring. It is also building a big recording theatre to house all latest recording equipment.

By creating a familiar and fully-equipped environment in which the foreign technicians can work comfortably and effectively, Gemini Labs has made sure that Robot crew does not have to shuttle between their parent laboratories and India (which was the state of Dasavathaaram crew). All this investment will pay returns only when movies as grand as Robot or Dasavathaaram happen, which is not too frequent in India. But Gemini Labs still did it all for a Rajinikanth movie. This is not surprising when we look at the fame and attention that Gemini will get by being a part of Robot, the most talked-about movie now.


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