Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rahman takes Aamir by surprise!

A.R. Rahman took Aamir Khan for a surprise visit to the Amin Peer Dargah in Andhra Pradesh.

Says a source close to the actor, "Aamir and Rahman share a lot in common. Ever since they worked together on Rangeela a decade ago, the two have become great friends. They share a great rapport professionally as well as personally. Aamir had also invited Rahman to Mumbai for the music launch of his nephew's debut film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

"After the music release, Rahman told Aamir that he had to leave with him for Chennai the very next day. Aamir, who was a bit surprised, asked the music director why he was asking the actor to accompany him to Chennai. However, Rahman refused to give any explanation to Aamir and only insisted that they must go to Chennai together," adds the source.

Aamir left with Rahman for Chennai on Wednesday but the journey didn't end there. Adds the source, "On reaching Chennai, Rahman drove Aamir to the Amin Peer Dargah in Andhra Pradesh's Cuddapah district. They reached the dargah in the evening after a five-hour drive. The dargah is very close to Rahman's heart and he completely believes in the power that it gives him."

Commenting on Aamir and Rahman's visit to the dargah, the source adds, "The two had dinner at the dargah and attended a performance by the qawwals, which started on Thursday at 1 am went on till 5 am. Aamir really enjoyed the performance as he himself is a great lover of these things. The two spent some quality time there and Aamir loved the experience.

"Rahman had always wanted to go to the dargah with Aamir. He particularly wanted the actor to seek blessings and be present for the Urs. Rahman was also keen that Aamir attended the performance by the qawwals in the dargah. Rahman attends this Urs every year. Last year he had taken Prasoon Joshi with him," says the source.

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