Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rahman & Mani,the magic continues - Guru Review

When a legendary team decides to make a movie on one of the biggest visionaries of India, you expect nothing short of a thunderbolt. You keep itching to collect as much information about the movie as possible; you browse through the World Wide Web to get a preview of the music. You keep playing the trailers over and over again; you read all the interviews associated with the movie and keep counting the days left for the release. If you are one such fan, let me warn you, you are just about to be hit by one hell of an album. If you are not such a fan, no worries, you will still be swept by the genius of Rahman. The Mozart transforms himself to his initial golden period, where one doesn’t have to keep listening to the songs repeatedly to get impressed. He is straight at you with vengeance.

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