Friday, July 06, 2007

Are you with Rahman on his 'One Love'?

"Two more days to go and the New Seven Wonders List would be declared. The question on every Indian's lips is - Will Taj Mahal break into the Top-7?

In the meanwhile promotion of Rahman's anthem song 'One Love - Ek Mohabbat' that has been especially created for the initiative has intensified in a big way. The music video of the track is out on all leading music channels and the messaging is simply impeccable.

Rahman has not just composed the music for 'One Love - Ek Mohabbat' but even co-written the lyrics. Apparently he was quite tied up in his busy schedule but jumped on the offer to create the song and stretched himself to get it in the form as we see today.

Combining commerce with art, I Media Corp Ltd (IMCL), the company that has backed the music video, has given the momentum a good enough kick off that has ensured that the country is aware about the ongoing voting for Taj Mahal to be placed in the elite list.

Rahman did it for us. Will we do it for him by voting for Taj?"

Vote for Taj


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