Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rajini To Speak In Hindi!


Good news is that Rajini’s Raana unlike his previous films will not be dubbed into Hindi and Telugu but instead will be shot simultaneously in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. The bigger surprise here comes as Rajini has accepted to dub his own voice in the Hindi version of the film too. It is notable that Rajini has dubbed only in Tamil has refused to dub when his movies are dubbed in to other languages and so different voices have been used.

Rajinikanth who is well versed in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and English has acted in many Hindi films before. His last Hindi film that came 20 years ago was Bulanthi and he had dubbed his own voice in that film. Ever since, Rajini’s popularity in Bollywood soared as many of his hit Tamil films were dubbed to Hindi. Looks like Rajini is giving his 100% to Raana and we just cannot wait for it!

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