Monday, May 16, 2011

AR Rahman Lends Track to New Michael Bolton Album

Michael Bolton is gearing up for the release of his new album, Gems. Bolton is using the album as a platform to work with artists from around the globe. So, it only seems natural that Mr. Bolton would want to recruit the help of Academy Award-winning composer AR Rahman. Apparently, Rahman has given Bolton a reworked version of his track “Sanja” from the film Couples Retreat. Although Rahman was originally supposed to sing the chorus on the track, Bolton will now be recording the entire track himself, including the chorus which is sprinkled with Hindi.

The collaboration almost didn’t happen, as Rahman was committed to other projects before being contacted by Michael. Rahman was originally asked to produce a completely new single for Bolton, but wasn’t able to meet Michael’s proposed deadline. Intent on working with Rahman, Michael asked the Oscar-winner for a song he could reinterpret on his album. Rahman gave Michael the right to use “Sanja”, and the rest is history!

Do you guys think this is a good team-up? Or, do you think AR is wasting his talents?

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