Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Kochadaiyaan- Taking Indian Cinema To A Higher Level - Kochadaiyaan - Rajinikanth - Ar Rahman - - Tamil Movie News - Behindwoods.com

A fierce warrior with 6 packs like no one has ever seen or had; rock like biceps that can break mountains, a face that can mesmerize anyone, a physique as flexible as elastic- that’s how Soundarya R Ashwin, daughter of superstar Rajinikanth describes her dad and his role in Kochadaiyaan. For the past 20 and odd days, the crew has been shooting at the Pinewoods studio, London. As actor Nassar says, they are all as enthusiastic as children playing with new toys, trying out a new technique in film making, that no one in India has ever dreamt of trying. “It’s a whole new experience”, says Shobana, who is doing a pivotal role in the film.
When asked how it feels to be “The Superstar”, Rajinikanth with his ever diminishing modesty said, “To me every film is like a first film. And personally I think Amitabh Bachchan is the real superstar.” About Kochadaiyaan he said, “It’s something new. The pressure on me is very high as the expectations are. And I’m very happy with Kochadiyaan. It’ll not disappoint my fans”.
On why make an animation film with dad, Soundarya R Ashwin, the director said, “One, I wanted to immortalize my dad and this technique allows us to do things more creatively than what live action movies can do. In my dad’s career, he has never done a role of a warrior.” She also added, “I’m a diehard fan of my dad. We are making sure that we give my dad a new look, like, I have given him 6 packs, biceps and all that”.
Commenting on the musical part of the film, music director AR Rahman said, “In this picture the music has to play a very important role. We decided that with this movie, we have to set a standard for what an Indian animation movie has to be.”
If everything goes well, the emperor of the hearts of Tamil mass will be seen ruling the Indian theaters from Deepavali that falls on November 13th.


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