Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rahman's laptop & compositions go missing!

Rahman is in London to attend the premier of the Lord of The Rings musical which is one of his most ambitious projects. But unfortunately his mind will certainly not be resting easy as his masterpiece unfolds before an elite audience. His mind will be fully occupied with conveyor belts, uniformed flight attendants and baggage of all sizes and colors; we sympathize with the Maestro for having to undergo such an ordeal. You might be wondering what all this is about.

Well, if you have ever experienced a Trans continental flight at the end of which you find that one of your bags is missing then you might be able to imagine what Rahman is going through. Worse still, if the bag contains not just a few shirts and your other travel necessities but the information worked out over a long period that needs to be presented to one of your very important clients the next day then you surely won't be able to sleep at night, even if you are staying at the most prestigious and luxurious hotel in one of the world's greatest cities.

You might remember that we had reported about Rahman's Esquire 3 Dimensional tour of the United States where some of his best compositions were being showcased in a very unique manner on stage (we had brought out a slide show regarding it). It was in the midst of this tour that Rahman flew down to London to attend the Lord of the Rings premiere. But when he got off his flight at the London airport and collected his baggage he found out to the greatest of his horrors that one of his bags was missing. As it has been hinted earlier this was no ordinary bag. It contained a laptop which had and we hope still has all the information about the unique way in which the music has to be presented at the Esquire tour.

Now we do not exactly know what type of information the laptop contains; only Rahman knows that. But going by his reaction (have you ever heard of Rahman losing his composure) the laptop certainly has some very crucial musical notes, let us assume. The airport authorities have assured Rahman that the luggage will be retrieved at the earliest. With his return to the United States scheduled later this week where he is supposed to complete the rest of the Esquire tour, time is really short for the airline crew for damage control. Otherwise Rahman can (he is unlikely to do it, going by his serene nature) easily sue the airlines for millions; his music is priceless.

We hope that the laptop is recovered soon and all things go as planned. If it ends well, then all will be well. Else, this will not be the last that we hear about the airline and its crew.


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