Thursday, November 12, 2009

AR Rahman turns lecturer

A R Rahman is so inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson that he has decided to include Jackson as a subject in the KM Music Conservatory, a music institution that he runs in Chennai.

Rahman will also deliver the first lecture on Jackson. According to the music director, Jackson’s life, music and how he inspired him will all be a part of the subject.

The Mozart of Madras has been quoted as saying by the DNA, “I have been inspired by Michael and his works for years now. I had met him and though he was such a big star, he was always a very humble human being. That really touched and inspired me. I think he was an inspiration for an entire generation. His music must have influenced countless musicians across the world and it would be an honor for me to have the students of my music school learn and discuss the artist of the century.”


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