Friday, January 14, 2011

Endhiran Wins Two Awards At 17th Annual Star Screen Awards

Endhiran has bagged its first ever award in the 17th Annual Star Screen Awards. It received two awards at the event. One is for special effects and the other is a jury special award for offering cutting age technology in movies.

Endhiran has created a history in Indian cinema by using some amazing special effects and its budget was also a record figure. It has become one of the most remembered films of Indian cinema. So, the film definitely deserves this award and many more in near future.

Srinivas Mohan, the special effects coordinator of the movie received the award for Endhiran. This Tamil film has gone much ahead of its time and shocked the viewers with some wonderful stunts and special effects. No other Indian film has used such advanced technology in any movie and this is a big achievement for the Indian cinema as a whole.

It took a lot of effort by the makers of the film to finish the pre-production works, which took almost a decade before they started shooting in 2008. Endhiran also became first Indian film to get such a big worldwide opening. So, it deserves to get the awards in all aspects.

–Sampurn Wire

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