Friday, January 28, 2011

Not expecting more Oscars: AR Rahman

He lost out at the recent Golden Globe awards, but the country hopes that musician AR Rahman might repeat history by winning at the Oscars.

Ask him about this, and Rahman says in a telephonic interview from Los Angeles, “I think I’ve won enough of awards to feel the loss of one or hope for more. As for the Oscars, the fact that I won two in a go forSlumdog Millionnaire is enough for me. I am not expecting any more awards from anywhere. It’s time to concentrate more on my music now.”

Rahman recently unveiled the soundtrack of his second movie with film-maker Danny Boyle. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Danny.Composing the music for 127 Hours was greatly satisfying. I have seen the movie 40 times. It’s not just a film about somebody cutting off his hand, it is also a story of courage, grit and determination,” elaborates Rahman, who hints that he might team up with the film-maker again.

“I have not met Danny for ages now. We’ve been missing each other as we were in different locations,” informs the musician who’s been jet-setting ever since he won the Oscars and other international awards. He admits that it has its downside too. “It gets too stressful when you have to travel all the time and compose music for so many projects at the same time. I am drastically cutting down on my work and have decided to do only one movie a year,” he signs off.

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