Monday, April 04, 2011

Is SRK trying to be Rajni?

As the trailers of Ra.One hit the screens, people are comparing SRK's superhero act to that of Rajni's...

Shah Rukh Khan seems to be treating his 'Ra.One' with much passion, so much so that he strategically released its promos during the semi-final match between India and Pakistan in the ICC World Cup.

Though the first rushes seem polished enough, this super hero flick is being compared to any Rajni film, and his super hero acts are being likened to that of Rajinikanth's especially in 'Robot'/'Endhiran'.

It can be remembered, that when 'Robot' released, Shah Rukh held a meeting with his creative team, and set 'Endhiran' as the standard. Wanting his 'Ra One' to be an even better product, SRK even suggested a few changes in the script.

However, a friend close to SRK, and a unit hand of Ra.One reveals, "It's silly of anyone to compare SRK and Rajni. The similarities end at the genre of cinema. Ra.One is a sci-fi superhero film, Robot was similar. However, the storylines are different, and Ra.One is as competent a film, and SRK is a good actor. A superhero will be stronger, faster and do the impossible. That's what SRK is doing in Ra.One, that's whatRajinikanth has done in Robot!"

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