Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ranbir Kapoor rushes to Chennai for the recording of climax song of Rockstar

Like Dad Rishi Kapoor's imperishable climactic number Ek haseena thi ek deewana tha in Subhash Ghai's Karz which was shot in front of a live audience ....That's the specification in Ranbir's mind for the stadium-rock track that Rahman is composing for the climax of Rockstar.

We've had many stars in the past who have been so avidly involved with the recording of their songs that they've spent time personally in recording studios. But the much-delayed climactic song for Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar has got Ranbir Kapoor in a different far more heightened state of anxiety.

The climactic song in Rockstar has raised Ranbir's anxiety level to such an extent that he rushed last week to Chennai to be with A R Rahman for a week. So concerned is he about the way the number sounds before it is filmed next month that Ranbir wanted to be physically present for the recording with Rahman.

Not just that, when the Rahman had to fly out of Chennai for a concert in Dubai, Ranbir stayed on to complete the song with Rahman's assistants in his studio in Chennai.

Says a friend of Ranbir, "Enough delay has already happened. Now when the climax song which will be shot on May 15 in a stadium with Ranbir performing live on stage, any further delay would be lethal. Ranbir flew to Chennai for the whole week. He said he wanted to be near the song, to feel it imbibe and absorb it so that when he finally performs it on May 15, the song would be an extension of his personality."

Apparently, Ranbir who has a fabulous music sense has actively contributed to the final shape of the rock number that will reverberate across the stadium when Ranbir takes to the stage for the grand finale next month.

Says Ranbir's friend, "Rahman even suggested that Ranbir sing the number himself. But Ranbir knows he doesn't have a singing voice. He was just content watching this very important song come to life during his week-long stay in Chennai in Rahman's studio."

Apparently, Ranbir only went to his hotel in Chennai to freshen up.

Says Ranbir's friend, "All his time was spent at Rahman's studio. Ranbir wanted to make sure the song took a final shape before Rahman left for Dubai. And since Rahman works only during the night, Ranbir stayed up nights caught up with a subtle snooze in the morning and joined Rahman's assistants for more music sessions during the day."

Ranbir confirms, "Yes, I was in Chennai. Just returned. I had gone for the recording of the climax song. Watching Rahman at work is such an exhilarating experience."

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