Sunday, December 24, 2006

My voice and Michael Jackson's have the same range: AR Rahman

Next time you mistake AR Rahman singing in English for pop king Michael Jackson, don't be surprised. Even Rahman thinks they sound alike.

"My voice and Michael Jackson's have the same range, which is higher than the normal male voice, hence the impression," Rahman told reporters at the launch of his first ever English album Pray for Me, Brother.

Even the new video has shades of Jackson's hit Earth song.'

The album has been shot on the 'mobile cinemascope format' by Bharatbala of Vande Mataram fame, and will be available exclusively on Nokia 'N' series music phones before being released for television.

The song was originally composed as 'anti-poverty anthem' for UN's Millenium Development Goals. "We thought that the song deserved a great album and Nokia came forward to fund and also release on its phones," said Rahman, who has both composed the song and even given voice to it.

Vineet Taneja, Director, Multimedia, Nokia said, "By offering the song, which is the world's first ever music video on the vertical cinemascope format, we aim to deliver yet another experience to our users."

The funds generated from Rehman's new English album will go to Rahman's charity "The AR Rahman Foundation."


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