Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rahman unveils English anti-poverty anthem

New Delhi, Dec 22 (IANS) Renowned music composer A.R. Rahman unveiled Friday his first ever English rendition 'Pray for me brother', the first music video to be shot on mobile cinemascope format, to create awareness about poverty in the world and urged people to support the cause.

'I feel that more than anything every person in the world needs some good wishes and love. I hope this song will create awareness and make a valuable difference in making a brighter tomorrow for the underprivileged children. Please support the good cause,' Rahman said at a press conference here.

'This is the first video to be shot on mobile cinemascope vertical format. This song was conceived as an anti-poverty anthem for the millennium goals for the UN. When I was doing it, I never realised it is going to go to this level. It took me two years to make it,' he said.

'Pray for me brother' is part of a joint venture between Nokia Nseries and the A.R. Rahman Foundation.

'I told my friends in London that I have a song for the UN and I want some sponsors. They introduced me to Nokia. Nokia Nseries supported it and got some of the best filmmakers in the world to make the video,' said Rahman.

'Pray for me brother' will have its worldwide launch early next year and the video will be exclusively available on Nokia Nseries music edition.

Rahman will sing the anti-poverty song live at Nokia's New Year's Eve celebrations in Mumbai Dec 31 for the first time.

Rahman's foundation also plans to help the needy by opening schools and hospitals. The composer had bought land near Chennai four years ago and is hoping to generate funds through his performances to fulfil his dream.

'It is too premature to talk about it. But this is a first step in that direction. The proceeds from the sales of the album will go to the foundation.'

Like all of Rahman's creations, the new music video too brings out his creative best. The lyrics are meaningful and the video portrays poverty across the globe, touching the sentimental chords of viewers.


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