Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rahman’s wisdom on music rights

Dec 12, 2006

Looks like Rahman is on a campaign to emphasize that music rights be granted to the musicians themselves. If you might remember, the ace musician walked out of Shahrukh’s home production when the producers failed to arrive at an agreement regarding the music rights of the movie. Rahman wanted the rights of the songs and scores of the movie.

Recently, Rahman has agreed to score music for the animated movie ‘Hara’, which is produced by Soundarya – Rajini’s younger daughter. I have obtained rights of my music for Hara. It is indispensable that every music director gets hold of the music rights, stated Rahman. I have been emphasizing this for quite sometime, he added.

Rahman is not happy that Bollywoodies have shown a deaf ear to his royalty request. Not many in the Bollywood understand this concept, reiterated Rahman. I consider these rights over everything I gain in my life, declared Rahman.

Courtesy: Behindwoods.com

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