Friday, March 19, 2010

All for Rahman

When it comes to hero worship, people would go to the extreme for their dream idol.

Music maestro A R Rahman is gearing up for the ‘Jai Ho - The Journey Home’ concert in April. And our ‘Veer’ producer Vijay Galani has done the much-needed preparations well ahead for it. Guess what? He said to have bought the rights for three shows of the concert in UK (Manchester, Birmingham and London) for a whopping Rs 10 crore!

The reason Galani chose UK is that being a cosmopolitan market, the shows are likely to draw the Asian population especially Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis besides Europeans and Americans. While all the shows have already been sold out to promoters, the ticket sales will begin in the first week of April.

Due to the failure of ‘Veer’, Galani had incurred a huge loss. But with this concert, seems like the producer is back for the game.

Sources revealed the deal which was finalized some days ago, includes the travel and stay expenses of the 85-artistes band.

While Galani’s close source revealed, “Though in practice, the deal has been struck for Rs 10 crore, Rahman will bear the cost of lights, sound effects, editing and the maintenance of his big team throughout the shows.”

However, Galani keeps mum over the actually deal price and he just remarks, “Rahman simply rocks!”

True indeed….

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“Rahman simply rocks!” I like that a lot. He surely is born to make great music arrangements and make it known globally. We're expecting more to come from him.