Monday, March 08, 2010

The Gautham-Ajith flick A Round up -

The ground has been cleared
There had been a shadow of doubt cast over the project after the huge uproar that was created with what Ajith said in the function held to thank the CM. But, now with matters looking settled, especially on the side of FEFSI, there seems to be nothing in the way of this project happening.

The ‘Madurai Sambavam’
With Dayanidhi Azhagiri producing the film and especially with the huge expectations that this combination will generate, a grand launch, befitting the scale and reach of the project is being planned. And, where else would it be held other than the Azhagiri fortress – Madurai.

James ‘Thala’ Bond
The wind is that Gautham has designed a stylish and gripping plain clothes detective character for Ajith. Knowing Gautham’s expertise with cop characters and films, one can expect a role that is truly worth Ajith’s screen presence, a la James Bond, if you like the way it sounds.

No ladies
This will indeed be a unique film if what we hear is right; that Ajith will not have any heroine in the film. Must be a first of sorts in his career and the first in Tamil cinema in quite a long time. It will also be the first for Gautham who is know for his adeptness at handling romance. But, this time, it looks as if crime, clues and cops will be the only thing that the film will focus on.

The music
With no heroines and presumably no romance, there will be no lilting tunes that we associate with Gautham’s film. But, there will be a place of prominence for music. Especially the background score, which is of critical importance in detective/action flicks. And, guess who will be scoring – it is Rahman. That completes a great team, doesn’t it?

The team
Gautham is expected to retain most of the technical crew that Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa had. With the response that VTV’s visuals are getting, Manoj Paramahamsa’s camera work will be one of the most watched elements in the Gautham-Ajith flick.

Ajith Gautham Menon
Thuppariyum Anand or Ulavali
There has been a lot of excitement after a certain rumor started spreading that Gautham had already titled the project as 'Thuppariyum Anand'. Meanwhile, another title that was doing the rounds was 'Ulavali'. But, Gautham himself has dispelled all these myths and said that the film is yet untitled. When the time is right and ripe, there will be an announcement. Till then at least, let us refer to this high profile project as 'Thuppariyum Anand'.

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