Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Priyamani chokes

Usually most actresses don’t prefer to dub for their films for obvious reasons. But still there are some who makes it a point in their contracts to use their own voice.
National award winning actress Priyamani has become more determined these days to dub for her films. One reason may be, she recently missed a Kerala State Award for the film ‘Thirakkatha’ because she has not dubbed herself for the film even with an incredible performance. So the dark beauty has decided not to take chances any more.
Recently Priyamani was dubbing for the tri-lingual Mani film ‘Raavan’. She is dubbing for herself for both the Hindi and Tamil versions of ‘Raavan’. Since Priya knows the languages well everything thing was going fine. Then there was an emotional scene which has to be dubbed with intense modulations. Mani’s dubbing directors told her to do the Tamil version first and then do the Hindi version because she will be able to understand the feel better and emote better in Hindi.
She was game and started that way with Tamil. The scene had typical Tirunelveli dialect and Mani was personally supervising Priya. The dubbing started and at one stage Priya became so emotional and choked. Finally she broke down. She said the scene was so touching and she virtually blended with the scene.
Good signs any way. Priyamani feels ‘Raavan’ will be a turning point of her career.

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