Friday, December 24, 2010

Shekhar Kapur’s next is ‘English Mountaineer’

Shekhar Kapur
Shekhar Kapur
What is filmmaker Shekhar Kapur up to? While his Bollywood project 'Paani' is still floating around, the man is currently working on a script for an English film titled 'English Mountaineer'.

The movie, apparently, is based on mountaineer George Mallory, who was found dead a little way away from the peak of Mount Everest.

Life has its way of letting many things remain unanswered, and so the question is: Did George Mallory die on his way up to the peak or on his way down? If George did pass away on his way down from the peak, it would've been he and not Sir Edmund Hillary as the first man to climb Mount Everest.

Shekhar's epic drama 'Elizabeth' was commendable, and this storyline, too, proves that Kapur is out to achieve some mean feat!

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