Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dasavatharam inspires Endhiran

What if Shankar has tightened the security measures making Pentagon to look like an easy place to duck out secrets, news about his forthcoming sci-fi magnum opus Endhiran are dime a dozen. While recent news suggested that the famous Danny Denzongpa will play villain in Endhiran, there is also news that a fight sequence will be the highlight of the film. Not one of those scenes with Danny and Rajini, but with two Rajinis.

As is known, Rajini plays dual role in the movie of that of a scientist and a Robot, developed by the scientist. The action hair-strand-raising sequences were filmed recently with stunt director Peter Hein choreographing the scenes. The fight is said to happen inside an enclosed glass cabinet.

Not long ago, if you might remember, one such two-some fight sequence of Kamal (Christian Fletcher) and Kamal (Shingenn Narahashi) for Dasavatharam evoked a stupendous response. 


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