Friday, March 27, 2009

Ghajini to re-release

Aamir Khan fans need not wait an entire year for their favourite star's next film. Taking advantage of the deadlock between producers and multiplexes, the makers of Ghajini are all set to re-release the film.

At a time when marketing strategy often translates into ticket sales, this strategy is being seen as coup of sorts. This time around the film will feature new footage. And two, with the proposed ban on new releases from April 4, the producers of 
Ghajini are hoping their brainwave will prove a breath of fresh air.

And that might not be a bad idea. The film had already grossed Rs 75 crore in India and Rs 200 crore worldwide.

"I am really happy everyone's liking 
Ghajini, and people have made it such a huge hit," said Aamir Khan, actor.

Wrapped in the new avtaar of the film, there's an upside for the producers as well. Madhu Matenu of India Films told NDTV that re-releasing the film is a good way to work around recession. Why make a 
new film when you can simply tinker with an old one, right?

Well, not quite. 
Ghajini had run into trouble with the censors the first time around thanks to some heavy-duty action scenes. Now it will have to pass muster with the censor board once again.
If it does, remember to keep your date with Aamir Khan. Or you could tattoo it on just so you don't forget. 


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