Friday, March 27, 2009

A R Rahman is an Apple Logic Studio user

Apple has posted an interview with A R Rahman who has just won two Oscars for the music in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Rahman talks about his experience composing the music for this movie which dominated the recently held Oscar Awards.

He talks about how he came in contact with Danny Boyle who directed the movie and he talks about how the music was created.

The highlight of the interview was the tools used by Rahman for composing his music. Apparently, Rahman is a fan of Apple Logic Studio.

He said: “Yes, I’ve been working with Logic for almost 12 years. I use it as my writing tool because I can have it on a desktop or on a laptop. I can carry it all over.”

He spoke about other tools used along with Logic: “Yes, most of the processing was done with Logic plug-ins actually: Ring Shifter; Multipressor; Space Designer. I also really like EXS24, EVP88, and Sculpture, and I use them a lot.”

Finally, he concluded: “Well, since I work almost exclusively with Logic, it’s the only thing I know. Most of the songs were written in Logic. And Logic’s mixing features allowed us to meet a very tight deadline for “Mausam & Escape,” a track with lots of instruments such as sitar and guitar. I’ve looked at other programs but never cared to try them because the timing in Logic is the best. Friends used to ask, how do you get that timing? Most of them switched because of it. Songs are mostly about grooves, so when they hear something tight and nice, they want it, too. Logic becomes a part of your life. I have three or four programming rooms, and I exchange files across the Internet with London; it has become a whole philosophy of using the Logic tools.”


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