Friday, March 27, 2009

The signature Shankar song!

Shankar has a story board for his songs and normally sits with his music director, lyric writer, cameraman and art director discussing the song in detail.

This includes details like camera angle and colour of the costumes worn by the lead artistes to match the background! In every Shankar film, there is a signature number which is a dream song showcasing a lot of splendor, glamour and glitz. The director has had classic hit numbers like Maya... in Indian, Randakka... in Anniyan or Vaaji Vaaji... in Sivaji. Something similar in style, with much more richness and grandeur, is being planned by the ace director for Endhiran where the lead pair (Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai) will be accompanied by nearly 1000 junior artistes, all of them wearing silvercoloured ‘Robo’ costumes with thongs.
The song, which was recorded recently by AR Rahman, was sung by Madhushree who also sang the popular Vaaji song in Sivaji. The song will soon be shot on a set created by art director Sabu Cyril in a Hyderabad studio.


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