Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AR Rahman has the audience enthralled

AR Rahman’s first concert in Chennai, after winning the coveted Oscar award, took place yesterday (October 11th, 2009) at the Marg Swarnabhoomi on the East Coast Road, south of Chennai. This is one of the concerts that are a part of Rahman’s Jai Ho World Concert Tour.

The proceeds from this event will be used by Shakthi Foundation and Rahman Trust for the benefit of handicapped persons. The event witnessed a mega turn out, estimated to be 30,000. But the unofficial figure is said to be astronomical.

Hariharan's rendition of 'Thamizha Thamizha' brought out the patriotic flavor from the crowd who were seen waving the Indian triclor all over. Several singers including Benny Dayal, Blaze and Sadana Sargam enthralled the audience with their singing. Rahman also took the mike to render his favorite songs, 'Rehna Tu' being one of them. 'Adhiradhi' from Sivaji augmented the frenzy of the crowd. Speaking at the event, the Oscar winner said that though Shakthi Foundation requested him to conduct a show in Chennai a long time ago, this seemed to be an opportune moment, especially after winning the Oscars.

Courtesy: behindwoods.com

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