Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rahman unites them all

Rahman’s concert at the Marg Swarnabhoomi on 11th October was a stupendous success. As the traffic was completely thrown out of gear, Rahman could not be brought to the venue by road and was airlifted and dropped. The traffic on ECR was more than chaotic and many people had bought tickets found it very difficult to reach the place in time. The unofficial number of audience was roughly estimated to be more than 70,000. The crowd had given a standing ovation to the Oscar winner. Rahman had requested the audience to extend a hand of friendship to their immediate neighbor at the concert as a token of spreading good will and cheer which the crowd dutifully obliged. Rahman’s concert brought people from different age groups, different places, religion and nationality together and to all of them present there, only one thing mattered. And that is music and that too Rahman’s music. Jai Ho Rahman!


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