Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Resul Pookutty joins AR Rahman

Resul Pookutty, the Oscar winning sound engineer, is now a voting member of the Academy of Motion Pictures! AR Rahman was bestowed with the honor a few months ago and now Resul Pookutty joins him. The honor means Resul will be one among the 6000 voters who will select films for the Oscar awards.

Resul was quoted by PTI as saying, “I received the invitation to become a member of the Academy while I was still in India. You need the sponsorship of two governors from the Board to become a member. Those formalities were completed during my recent trip to Los Angeles. I consider it a great honor and am thrilled.”

The sound engineer is still waiting for some of the best offers to come his way from Hollywood and pins his hope on the membership.

Courtesy: behindwoods.com

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