Friday, October 28, 2011

Music Review: 'Sadda Haq' excels in 'Rockstar'

 If appearance is the initial introduction of a character then Ranbir Kapoor has gained advantage. Youngsters imitating Ranbir's looks in 'Rockstar' are becoming more visible on roads and other public places.
The promos are showing a not so familiar Ranbir with long brown hair and an electronic guitar. His mannerism looks perfect for a young carefree rockstar.
The music of the film is composed by the Academy Award winner A R Rahman but it will be interesting to see whether the songs of the film match with the body language of Ranbir Kapoor or not.
Songs come naturally to Hindi films but sometimes either the actors overdo the act or the music does not hit the correct string.
The first song of the album is 'Sadda Haq' which is fast turning into the rock anthem of the modern generation. The heavy strings used in the song take the audiences to a world where music means just rock.
As per some media reports the lyrics of 'Sadda Haq' is inspired from a peasant movement that has taken place in and around the national capital some years ago.
With good strong word selection, Mohit Chauhan's excels as a rebel voice.
Harshdeep Kaur has sung 'Katiya Karoon' which is a soft romantic number. 'Katiya Karoon' has a very raw appeal attached to it that can give you a feeling of listening rural songs from Punjab and adjacent areas.
'Seher Mein' is another cool track from Rahman which pitches two singers against each other in a battle of melodies.
'Kun Faya Kun' is a qawwali with soulful sound but unfortunately it does not provide anything path breaking to the listeners. It's almost same as songs like Arzian, Khwaja and Pia Haji Ali, earlier made by Rahman.
Lately Rahman has given many chances to Mohit Chauhan. This album too is no exception. He has given voice to 9 out of 13 songs and he does not disappoint the listeners.
'Rockstar' too belongs completely to Rahman as his previous albums but he does not come very close to his real potential in 'Rockstar'.


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