Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rahman changed the tracks of Rockstar n number of times!

The music of ‘Rockstar’ is making people tap their feet on tracks like ‘Kun Faya’ and ‘Katiya Karun’ and bang their heads on ‘Saadda Haq’. The tracks are awesomely made by none other than A.R. Rahman and can see that he has truly put his heart and soul into the music of the film.

Commenting on the same, Rahman says, “We had great music for the song ‘Nadaan Parinde’ but still we were not satisfied and reworked on the whole thing. Mixing for the album took a lot of time; we took around 30 to 40 days as we had to redo the thing completely again and again until we were completely satisfied.”

After listening to the tracks and seeing the audience’s reaction to it, one can surely say that his hard work has paid off.

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