Friday, October 28, 2011

Rajinikanth, Shahrukh - the Indian Superman and Spiderman

With the arrival of Endhiran and Ra.One, Indians have finally found the answers for the Supermans and the Spidermans. Audience, who looked for Hollywood movies for the superheroes, can now see those kinds of characters in Indian cinema. The interesting part is that it is being made to suit the tastes of native viewers, which was not seen in English films.

In 2010, India witnessed its biggest ever-scientific fiction in the form of Endhiran – The Robot. Shankar’s experiment wrote a new beginning in the Indian cinema and made many filmmakers to think out of the box. Especially, his superhero creation ‘Chitty’ came into a lot of praise from all across India. Not only character but the technical values and graphics in the film proved that the filmmakers in India too can make the movies in Hollywood standards.

Now in 2011, we are ready for Ra.One, which is the mixture of Superman and Spiderman. Like Endhiran, the forthcoming movie has crossed Rs 100 crore in budget and it is rich in quality. The point to be noted here is that whole of India is welcoming this genre film. The audience, who were once used to regular masala films, are also ready to accept the new-age cinema that will certainly make our filmmakers to dare for more and more innovations in the coming years. 

Though, success of the film matters the most, it will be the foundation stone for the future experimentations. We might also see top actors coming forward to make superhero films.

However, a section of people might complain that merely copying Hollywood superhero characters could take Indian films nowhere and it will restrict the movies to only Indians. It is true that our creations, which are highly inspired by English films, will not get international acclaim. But as it is the new beginning and our filmmakers are still trying their hands on something, which has not been tried before in one-century history of Indian cinema, we should let them learn the art of making it in the world standards. The innovations will obviously come once the audience are used to that format.

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