Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Look: Ada

The much delayed film Ada… A way of life is finally releasing on December 18, 2009. 

The film stars Nauheed Cyrusi and newcomer Ayaan Ahmad - son of director Tanvir Ahmad, who is the director of the film. What’s great about the film is the music by AR Rahman.

 is the tale of Ayaan, son of a noble human being Anil Anand, and a spiritual mother, Aamina. Ayaan’s gentle world is turned upside down when Anil starts receiving death threats if he goes ahead with his testimony against some criminals.

The world of moral certainties crumbles in the face of contemporary disarray, as the murder of his father sets Ayaan on a course of revenge and killing against the criminals of Mumbai, and he becomes a contract killer. The conflicted character of Ayaan Anand is a modern tragedy, as he becomes part of the criminal stream, even as he searches for truth and happiness.

Ada is a film of the moment, as it compels one to re-examine the youth-crime phenomenon in a very poignant and freshly told story.

Director Tanvir Ahmad describes his film, "
Ada is not a typical Bollywood film. It should be a triumph of style and content over so-called meaningless candy floss Bollywood films," Tanvir, who has been in the industry for the past 30 years adds, "I made two films in the past, Aag Aur Toofan in 1975 and Aakarshan in 1988."

Ada, actor Ayaan who was an ad-filmmaker before making his acting debut, says, "This is also a dialogue-based drama. Dialogues play a very important role in the film. We have even experimented with the songs. Every turning point of the film has been explained through a song.'

Ada has six songs. Oscar winning composer AR Rahman has scored the music for it, and Ayaan says it will be the highlight of his debut vehicle.

"This is my first film, and I don't know how people will accept me. The main attraction of the film would be Rahman's music, as he has given the film outstanding music. We hope to build on the music as the main lead to our story. It is also music that befits the theme of the film, and Rahman has given us fresh tunes for the young generation without making it look loud and pop. There is depth in the music.' concludes Ayaan.

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