Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shankar in his Endhiran!

What more? The director of extravaganza will be peeping in front of the camera for a few scenes in his upcoming project, ‘Endhiran’. We must have not forgotten the song “Balley Lakka” in ‘Sivaji’ that too has Shankar appearing on screen! Looks like the director has asked his assistants to arrange the costume needed for him. And when our Superstar learnt about it, he had called the director and encouraged him to act in a prominent character. But, surprisingly Shankar has kept his role as suspense, even Rajini don’t have a hint about the role of Shankar. We also heard that Shankar’s portion will be shot inside a set that reassembles a lab. It’s noteworthy that Shankar has appeared on screen in small character roles in most of his movies.
In fact an interesting flashback of this director is that he entered the tinsel town with a thirst for acting and slowly evolved as a director.

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