Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trinity College confers honorary fellowship on Rahman

After winning two Oscars and being nominated for two Grammy Awards, A R Rahman has now been conferred the honorary fellowship from Trinity college of Music in London. CNN-IBN's Akanksha Banerji spoke to the Mozart of Madras about this latest honour.

CNN-IBN: Two Grammy nominations and the dream run seems to be continuing for you.

A R Rahman: A long dream. It's a beginning for me; I hope I get it but if not this time, then next time.

CNN-IBN: You have got an honorary fellowship from the very prestigious Trinity College of Music, so do scholarly awards bring more responsibilty? Are they more special? And what exactly are you going to do with your association with the university now?

A R Rahman: I am actually the principal for the Classical Music Conservatory back in Chennai, so that felt odd to. I was wondering what I was doing there too. But this one specially, the Trinity College fellowship is something special. I am almost 43 now so almost 30 years have been spent in the Trinity College circle. So I felt good going there.

CNN-IBN: You are also going to face the camera forThe son of a Preacher Man, so how was that experience for you?

A R Rahman: It's just a documentary for my friend PJ Morton. He sang Sajna for Couple's Retreat and he is also a great artist in his own right and a very nice man.

CNN-IBN: Despite the international projects, the domestic demands still continue is it?

A R Rahman: I love to do both. It's like learning from here and giving some there.

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