Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ranbir leaves Mani Ratnam disappointed!

Bollywood top actors feel luckiest if director like Mani Ratnam approaches them offering a role in his movie. But for young actor Ranbir Kapoor the story is different.

The actor is giving emphasis on the movie script than the director.

Mani Ratna was very much convinced about the acting skills of Ranbir who has given two hits back to back. So, the director approached the actor offering him to play the lead hero for his new flick ‘Azaan’. But to his surprise, Ranbir turned down his offer.

When Mani narrated Ranbir the script, the actor politely refused saying that the script didn’t impress him.

Mani Ratnam would not have thought in his rarest dreams that a newcomer would refuse him. A source says, “Mani obviously was left disappointed as he wanted a young hero for the film. He has very few choices at his disposal. He feels that the only actors who can play the character are Ranbir, Shahid or Imran. With Ranbir refusing, he will now turn to Shahid or Imran.”

Earlier, Ranbir had also refused the role offered by Zoya Akhtar.

Folks, do you think Ranbir did the right thing?

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