Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oscar winner A R Rahman creating a world-class orchestra in Chennai

Oscar winner musician A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory is reportedly attempting to recreate a world-class orchestra for the enjoyment of Indians.

“Currently Indian composers must go abroad to find orchestras to record. The vision of KM Music Conservatory is to eliminate this obstacle and provide an exemplary orchestra here in India,” Rahman said.

With the aspiration of producing the KM Symphony Orchestra, KM Music Conservatory trains students to become highly proficient musicians. The first of its kind in India, KM Music Conservatory claims to meet international standards of music education.

Conservatory already offers Preparatory Program (2-5 years), Foundation Program (1-2 years), and Degree Program (three years) under affiliation of Middlesex University in United Kingdom (UK), and is planning “Masters Program” and a “Diploma in Indian Music and Music Technology”.

The conservatory will also teach entertainment icon Michael Jackson as a subject, according to reports. Many faculty members have degrees from USA and UK. Sound editor Joe E. Rand (Titanic) has lectured here besides demonstration by Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

Founded by Rahman (who is also its Principal), KM Music Conservatory, which is located in the Kodambakkam area of Chennai, envisions expanding the horizon of musicians in India by offering education in both Indian and Western music besides music technology and its mission is to provide students with a strong artistic, intellectual, and technical foundation.

T. Selvakumar is the managing director of this international school of music and music technology whose tagline is ‘Become the Future of Music’.

Rajan Zed, the chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, in a statement in Nevada (USA), urged Rahman to help nourish the next generation with the richness of Indian music which had produced musical authorities like Dattila (190 AD), Amir Khusrau, Naik-gopal, Puramdaradasa, Tansen, Pundarika-vitthal, Govind Dikshitar, Ramdas, Venkatamakhin, Tyagaraja, Pandit Bhatkhande, etc.

Rahman, who has reportedly recorded sales of over 300 million, was called “Mozart of Madras’ by Time magazine. Rahman sees music “as a way to connect to spirituality and embrace it” and for “creating harmony in troubled times”. (ANI)

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