Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rajini- Humble at heights!

We must have heard a lot of stories about the good hearted and down to earth nature of our Superstar. Now another new update about his patience and humble heart...
We all know that Shankar's ‘Endhiran’ shoot was going on in Chennai at many places, once it happened even on the famous Kathipara Bridge. The director wrapped-up the shots that are supposed to be taken with Rajini earlier but requested the actor to stay for some more time to take few close-up shots of his hands.
Sources said that the director finished off other close-up shots of shoulders and hip with dupes. He requested the Superstar to wait until he finishes other shots. Whatta patient and simple man is our Superstar! He has stayed on and completed the shots and gave full cooperation to the team, they say.
Rajini is still ruling the hearts of millions, mainly for his simplicity and sweetness to everyone alike!

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