Saturday, December 15, 2007

AR Rahman composes music for Al-Risalah

Moustapha Akkad, the director of Hollywood film Al-Risalah, which was released mainly in the westerns Islamic countries after having a grand opening in theatres across USA, is all set to release in India now. The film will be dubbed in Hindi and Urdu; A.R. Rahman will give the music for the film and will also sing a song for it. The film is set to release on December 28, 2007.

Al-Risalah is the story of Islam from its birth, evolution and to its triumph with the best Hollywood production values full of grandeur and emotion. Oasis Enterprises owned by Yamshi Ahmed and Saad Ahmed will be releasing the dubbed Hindi version of the film. Al-Risalah is being disturbed by Anuj Saxena's Maverick Productions.

The Urdu adaptation has been done by eminent lyricist and writer Hasan Kamaal. Al Risalah releases in Mumbai later this month.


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