Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Man on a mission

Maestro A R Rahman reveals why he is playing judge in the show ‘Mission Ustaad’ and how music is his route to God to Sapana Patil Poojary

A R Rahman is known to be a man of few words. But the singer-composer is putting that behind him as he takes over as the judge of the reality show on TV (‘Mission Ustaad, 9X).

So what got the reclusive Rahman to get himself to judge a reality show? “It was the format,” he explains adding, “The show will have singers competing against each other to achieve the goals set by the United Nations for our nation. I have been associated with the UN before—I had composed and sung ‘Pray for me Brother’, the UN’s anthem for the Millennium Development Goals campaign. So when I got to know that this show was in association with the UN, I had all the more reason to be on this show.”
Quiz him on what basis will he be judging the contestants and Rahman states, “Art has no parameters. But here, it will be pushing the limits to judge their choice as a singer and composer; to see how their songs send a message to people and how their tunes become popular with the masses.”

Rahman, who has composed music in various genres, shares that music is peace for him.

“Music should be such that it transports you to another hemisphere. While composing music, I feel connected to God,” he says.

Though he admits that there have been times when his imaginative mind fails to create tunes, he owes his creations to the Almighty. “God has been kind. On a new day, there is new inspiration,” he smiles.

And who are his contemporary favourites? Rahman says he likes them all. “Most of them have unique styles. M M Kreem, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, Pritam and Vishal-Shekhar give good music,” he remarks.

Lastly, ask if the man behind some of the most romantic numbers is as romantic in real life and Rahman smiles, “I am romantic.”

And has he dedicated any song to his wife Saira? He laughs and says, “My wife doesn’t expect it. Plus, there is enough to work on in films”.


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