Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hrithik Roshan back in Mumbai amidst rumors of another 'Jodhaa Akbar' delay

Hrithik Roshan returned to Mumbai from Singapore, cutting short his treatment for a torn knee ligament, amidst rumors of another delay in the release of his film Jodhaa Akbar.

The actor had left for Singapore Thursday, December 6, for aggressive physiotherapy sessions spanning 6 weeks. His wife, Sussane, was to join him later. He was due to return early January to promote Jodhaa Akbar which is slotted for a January 25 release.

Following his return Hrithik was once again facing cameras on Saturday, December 23, to film The making of Jodhaa Akbar. It is not known if that was the imperative for his return or the schedule for the treatment of his knee was revised.

Hrithik's early return means he will get to attend the launch of the film's music.

Usually the music of a film is launched 2-3 months ahead of the film, in order to establish its market presence. However, no date has yet been announced for the release of Jodhaa Akbar's music, which has been scored by AR Rehman. Some reports suggest that the background score has yet to be fully recorded.

The delay has fueled rumors that the film's release date is likely to be pushed back once again.

The film was originally slotted to hit the marquee on October 23 but its release date was pushed back to January 25 to absorb a schedule overrun during filming.

Post production for the film is now also taking longer than envisaged. One of the problems being faced is the length of the film. It is being reported that a lot of footage, shot at considerable costs, will have to be discarded in order to keep the film under 3 hours, something that is proving to be a challenge for director Ashutosh Gowariker who has put his heart into the project.

To make matters worst, Gowariker is down with a bad back.

A source from Ashutosh Gowarikar Productions Pvt Ltd (AGPPL) told Mumbai Mirror, "Ashutosh has been unwell for a while and advised complete bed rest. We are yet to do the color correction of the film."

UTV, which is footing most of the production costs for the film, remains tight lipped about reports of another delay.

"I cannot comment on anything right now. Please wait for the official announcement," Siddharth Roy Kapoor, COO, told Mumbai Mirror.

Some sources suggest that the film's release may be pushed as far back as March.

Courtesy: Sawf.org

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