Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The boss that ruled the year

When you look back at 2007 in terms of cinema, you can’t miss Sivaji – the boss of 2007. No film in the history of Tamil cinema has evoked such expectations before and after release.

A report in Financial Express (25.12.07) reveals that, according to Google, Sivaji - The Boss was the second most searched film among the top searches in India for 2007, only after Spiderman. This clearly shows the unbelievable expectations and excitement the film by the superstar has evoked.

This is probably the first time in the long history of Indian cinema that a South Indian film attracted national and international attention. The film with an unprecedented budget made into the headlines of almost all national television channels.

The dream combination did work. The reputed production house AVM, the most sought after director Shankar, the musical wizard of India A.R. Rahman, and the undisputed king of box office, superstar Rajinikanth – when you have these names in a single venture, it is ought to be a great sensational and it turned out to be exactly the same.

The Swashbuckling release of the film happened on June 15. Sivaji was released in 2 languages, Tamil as well as the dubbed version in Telugu. It opened in 2,900 theatres in 27 countries across the globe. 700 prints were released against 450 prints of Rajani’s earlier movie ‘Chandramukhi’.

Many films were withdrawn from the fray after the unprecedented opening of Sivaji - The Boss. The film even had a good run in north India. Mind you, there was no dubbing and no sub titles. Finally it went on to become a blockbuster.

In UK, the movie entered the box-office earned about £14 thousand per screen and the first South Indian movie to enter UK Top 10, a real big recognition for Tamil movies in international market. In USA, Sivaji was released in 24 theaters with 19 more added subsequently for the Tamil version and 21 theaters ran the Telugu version.

What made Sivaji so special? The above mentioned combination was ably supported by write Sujatha’s sharp dialogues and amazing stunt choreography of Peter Heinz. To add colour to the fare Shankar has roped in the likes of Prabhudeva, Raju Sundaram, Lawrence, and Brinda to make the song sequences as unique experience. Thota Tharani’s sets for the songs were breathtaking. Vivek provided sensible support by his comical sense. And you had sensual Shriya to put the screen on fire.

The way Shankar presented Sivaji is undoubtedly one of the highpoints of Sivaji. We are not mentioning about the 'fair' Rajini alone. The way he looked in the entire movie was something special. Shankar has also portrayed him as a modern day educated youth and worked out his style and dialogues accordingly. The ‘cool’ way of talking and the ease with which he handled modern gadgets added colour to the character.

As a result of all such ingredients, Sivaji triumphed like anything and emerged as a front runner in all aspects. Rajini proved his mettle even after 30 years of his entry into filmdom.

So, Rajini emerges winner of 2007 with his inimitable style.


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