Friday, December 14, 2007

Judges rule ‘Chote Ustaad’

To minimise bias in the SMS voting system, producer Gajendrra Singh has given more powers to the jury in his new show

Mass voting through mobile SMS is a common practice in reality and talent hunt shows. However, the system has often been criticised for not being foolproof. Hence, Gajendrra Singh (producer of ‘Chhote Ustaad’, Star Plus) has decided to change the system in his new show.

According to the new system, viewers will vote for their favourite contestants as they were doing earlier. However, the four contestants with the lowest scores will enter the danger zone. These four contestants will then be asked by the judges to sing a song and will be evaluated accordingly. The one who scores the lowest will be out of the show.

Gajendrra says, “It has often been said that SMS isn’t a foolproof system. The votes tend to reflect the bias of viewers towards contestants on various grounds. Hence, I am introducing this system, which ensures that both the judges and viewers have 50 per cent control over the contestant’s fate.”

While Gajendrra says that he is optimistic about the system working, he also insists, “I am not challenging the judgement of viewers. I respect their opinions as much as that of the judges. For, no matter how hard we work, if the viewers don’t like it, it serves no purpose.”

Just as the controversy about Gajendrra having copied ‘Challenge’ (Zee) was dying down, the producer has eyebrows raised by launching ‘Chhote Ustaad’ (similar to Zee’s ‘Li’l Champs’).

“Well, it hurts when I am alleged of copying. How can someone, who started reality shows in India, be accused of copying? And as far as similarities are concerned, viewers could even group ‘Mission Ustaad’ (9X) and ‘Indian Idol’ together,” he explains.

He adds, “Honestly, I have had enough of such controversies. I had started my work with them and I have no differences with them. I am actually hoping to work again with Zee.”

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