Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A.R. Rahman for Himmesh and Adnan

A R Rahman
Only a few days back it was reported that Kailash asked the ‘Mozart of Madras,’ A.R. Rahman to croon for him. Although nothing was confirmed from Rahman on this, sources say that two other composers are also in the fray trying to rope him in to sing for them. It is not uncommon for composers to sing for others.
A R Rahman
In fact, in Kollywood, veteran composers like M.S. Viswanathan and Shankar (Shankar-Ganesh) have sung for other composers.

Of late, such trends haven’t been witnessed in the film industry. The reasons attributed, by the insiders, include ego clashes that might arise and erosion of fan base.

But composers themselves have never opined on those lines. News is that ‘Isai Gnani’ Ilayaraja had recently offered to sing for other composers. Rahman is now becoming hot property as a singer in Bollywood after his hit numbers in Guru, Swades and Dil Se. Himmesh Reshammiya, a self-confessed fan of Rahman, had announced that if ever wanted to sing for another composer it would be only be for Rahman. This composer/singer, known for his nasal twang, has asked Rahman to sing for him and close on his heels is Adnan Sami who has also made a similar request. Rahman when questioned on this said, “It’s extremely kind of them to think of me, but I can’t just sing like that. When I render a track, I cut myself off from other things. Even for a concert, a couple of days before it I don’t pursue my other music stuff, but just concentrate on the singing.” He also added that he hadn’t turned down their request but as he is working on an album, he can consider these offers only after completing it. Is he trying to be politically correct or is he just politely turning down these offers?


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