Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ash snubbed!

Aishwarya Rai Bhachchan is eagerly anticipating the release of her next movie, the much-awaited Jodha Akbar opposite her Dhoom 2 pair Hrithik Roshan. This epic film, directed by Ahutosh Gowariker and touted to be the most expensive Indian film ever made in the recent times, is in the final stages of postproduction.

The latest news on this film is that its length, in all probability, will be around three and a half hours. Considering the fact that Ashutosh’s earlier movies Lagan and Swades were about as lengthy, if not lengthier, this is not something new. It was very recently reported that the director had chopped off a Qawali number that was lavishly picturised on Aishwarya as it was hampering the pace of the movie. Ash was so much in love with the song and the visuals that she had asked the director’s permission to use it in her next movie. But sources now have it that her request was turned down by Ashutosh as he had only half-heartedly edited it out of the movie. However, he intends releasing it in the DVD of the movie. Actresses at times have to take these in their stride as films are ultimately a director’s medium and their word is final.

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