Thursday, December 13, 2007


Even though A.R. Rahman may look different with the new hairstyle that he sports, yet he is the same music director who is always lost in the world of his tunes. When asked about his new look he says that he went to Haj and had to shave off his head. Besides, his wife liked it and he didn't have any album to release, so he has let it be as it is. Regarding his two movies this year - Shekhar Kapoor's Elizabeth and Ashutosh Gowarikar's Jodhaa Akbar - Rahman says that though both are period films, yet they are all about human beings. Summing it up he says, "Music has to reveal the basic human emotions. At the end of the day, it is the human feelings that matter."

When we sought his views on the loud music of Elizabeth, the music director admits it and explains: It is co-composed by me. When we started the film it was arty. When I saw the film, I felt it was dragging. We wanted the music to be pulsating and throbbing to make the film better." Isn't the music like that of Roja? Rahman quips, "Yes, and from there on I decided that I should not go below that benchmark. It was complementary because Roja also got several international awards. Haven't Tamil films taken a back seat since he got busy with international ventures? The music director admits it, too. "There was a time when I used to do six films a year. Now, I do one or two Tamil and three to four Hindi films a year." Rahman believes in God and asserts that He controls his life otherwise he wonders if he would have been able to continue working from midnight till morning.


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