Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ghajini Video Game Arrives!

imageGhajini Video Game

India has not produced a single noteworthy game as yet, and the guys from FX Labs have been splitting hairs on a game based on the movie Ghajini for about a year now.
This is the first time a game is being developed along with a Bollywood movie. Most of the Bollywood games produced to date have been mobile games or flash based ones and such games don’t deserve attention span of more than 10 to15 minutes. But a full fledged, movie based game however, comes in a different league altogether.
But making a game which can be sold in India alone is a stupid idea for the market is minuscule here. And most of the gamers snap up a pirated copy to play. This is where Indian Diaspora steps in. NRIs are crazy about Bollywood and anything Indian, even more than many Indians in India. So here lies a solid market. They can afford to pay $50 for a game, will love it if it’s good, will hate it and may never again buy a Bollywood movie based later on if it’s bad.
Lets face it, movie based games, no matter which country or studio they are from, suck. The Ghajini game, if good, might become a case-study for game developers in western countries. They would surely want to know how Ghajini succeeded where their games didn’t.
Its just two days to go for the movie as well as the game to release, and we simply can't wait!


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