Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movie Review: Ghajini - Aamir Khan at his explosive best, two thumbs up

Aamir Khan has surpassed himself in terms of acting in his latest movie Ghajini, which is not surprisingly being billed as the Bollywood blockbuster of 2008. In Ghajini, Aamir fans will not be disappointed, for this is perhaps the first movie where Aamir successfully combines the two images of a hero - the chocolate boy and the macho man - in a film woven around tragic love and vendetta.

In other words, Aamir excels himself in this Bollywood remake of A.R. Murugadoss' Tamil film Ghajini (which itself is an adaptation of Christopher Nolan's Memento).

So what is the story about? Well, Ghajini revolves around the lives of Aamir Khan, a shy business tycoon (Sanjay Singhania) bored of bureaucratic nonsense and running a business empire and Kalpana (played by Asin who was in the original Tamil movie too), who is the girl every man would like to take home to meet his mother. For she not only has a great sense of humor, but also has a heart of gold helping everybody out of the way.

Love is beginning to bloom between the two but fate has other plans and tragedy strikes as Asin is brutally murdered by bloodthirsty villains (portrayed by Pradeep Rawat & Co).

Gripped by extreme shock and sorrow, Aamir transforms from a lovestruck guy to a wounded beast (with a six-pack), thirsty for revenge. But revenge is not easy for not only the bad guys wipe out almost every clue that could lead the murder to them, but also Aamir begins to suffer from a short-term memory loss.

So how does Aamir exact his revenge? A la Michael Scofield style in US hit television series Prison Break, Aamir has to depend on the sparse scrawls on his body, his walls, his unfinished diaries, his Polaroid snapshots, a friendly medical student Sunita (Jiah Khan) and of course, his fading memory.

Aamir's acting is explosive but those who are looking for explosive dialogues will be disappointed. For, after Asin's murder, Aamir hardly has any dialogue and words and phrases are replaced by guttural moans, roars and grunts that expresses his deep trauma.

In fact, in certain scenes, there are long periods of silence matched by Aamir's vacant stare, which however, speaks volumes.

Yes, Aamir Khan fans will indeed not be disappointed. For this is the first time, they get to see his hot bod with six-packs, that would give Salman, Hrithik, Shah Rukh or Akshay a run for their money.

Action scenes are, at worst, bloody best, but it is not surprising for Aamir was reportedly trained by an ex-NSG commando for hand-to-hand combats in the fight sequences where necks are twisted, bones crushed and iron rods connect with heads.

The cast, supported by Oh-So-Sweet Bollywood debutant Asin, Jiah Khan (who for the first time is covered from head to toe after her controversial Bollywood debut Nishabd with Amitabh Bachchan) and Pradeep Rawat as the fang baring menacing bad guy, makes the plot Oh-So-Believable, while musical score by A.R. Rahman (who won a Golden Globe nomination for his score in Dan Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire and is a hot favorite to receive Oscar too) are guaranteed to keep the audience entertained and glued to their seats.

So irrespective of whether you are Aamir fans or not, go watch Ghajini if you have ever loved someone and relive the passion. Sit back and feel the sparks of love fly in your heart as Aamir falls in love with Asin and experience the destruction a doomed love can ignite as Aamir sets out to track down his girlfriend's killers.

Enjoy Ghajini, a violent, tragic love story that is slated to become Bollywood's biggest Box Office Hit of 2008.


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