Saturday, December 27, 2008

‘Hindi Ghajini’s climax is different’

This Christmas season, director AR Murugadoss will face one of the biggest tests of his career. The director has had a fair amount of success in
Still from Ghajini.
Still from Ghajini. Genelia D'Souza! (TOI Photo)More Pics
the Tamil film industry with films like Dheena and Ramana.

Now, the Hindi version of Ghajini will be this small-town director’s big leap into Bollywood. We get talking to the filmmaker on things close to his heart, even as he gets ready for the film’s release Five differences between the Hindi and Tamil versions of Ghajini...

For starters, the climax is different and will surely be talked about. The Rangola song that was in the Tamil version has been excluded and a new song has been included. In the Tamil version, the hero remembers the villain’s face but in the Hindi version, he does not. The sequence in which the villain is tracked down has come out really well.

Language barriers...
Language was a problem especially when I wanted to improvise a scene on the spot. I couldn’t do it as easily as I did in Tamil, a few other people had to be around to help with translation.

First day of shoot with Aamir Khan...
Though we had interacted during story sessions, I was still nervous on the first day of the shoot. They had issued ID cards on the sets and there was no shouting, as all communication was through walkie-talkies. On the first day, we were shooting a difficult scene but after a couple of hours, I gained confidence and the scene came out well.

Aamir, the perfectionist...
He didn’t interfere with other departments of filmmaking. Occasionally, I went up to him to discuss certain scenes that I thought the north Indian audiences might have trouble connecting with. He would give me suggestions on how to tweak the scenes to make them more appealing.

Musically marvellous...
Music director AR Rahman would give me three tunes for every situation and all three would be very good. Choosing between the three was a big problem. Some tunes were so good that I would close my eyes and visualise the final outcome of the song. In fact, one of his tunes gave me the idea for a new song sequence that’s been featured in the film. My favourite song is Guzarish.


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